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Dwarf, Doug, Karsh, John Jansen Tony Butler and everyone associated behind the scenes to make these broadcasts possible. Chris Farris, Jack Khandan Jeff for mean. Dave Avalon Chad shepherd, and so many more that I don't have time to name. There are a lot of people who make these broadcasts happened. We sincere. Shirley. Thank you for tuning in without you. They would be possible. Well, offbeat the final final time. It's Florida forty-one Michigan fifteen year in the two thousand eighteen chick filet peach bowl until tomorrow for Michigan men's basketball against Binghamton. Thank you so much for listening today at all season long right here on the Michigan IMG sports network. Thanks for listening to Walgreens football the Michigan IMG sports network. Today's broadcast was brought to you by metro Detroit. Chevy dealers. Chevy drives the motor city. Absopure the official bottled water of Michigan athletics. Meyer your home store advantage for Michigan tailgating state farm agent today at eight hundred stay far and by barbasol making razors to no-brainer tried to Barbara saw entre six plus executive producer of the Michigan. IMG sports network is Tim Brunetti associate producers, Chris Perez and Ron melding network manager, Jack Condon, I've staff announcer. Jeff Lawrence with a special thanks to Michigan athletic director, Lord manual and the staff at management of flagship station W w j Detroit university of Michigan football is an exclusive presentation of I m Jean America's home for college sports. This is the official voice of Michigan sports. Sports talk. Ten fifty WT Cayenne Arbor tickets. A Cumulus state. Eleanor a biology major at Princeton brings her boyfriend rob home to meet her two moms. She tells them she's hired a private investigator to find her father Nadine her non biological mother thinks it's a great idea. But Allison her biological mother insists that her father a one night stand in college never knew she existed..

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