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Chris Chambliss all part of the tenth annual give a hoot benefit in support of the Taylor who foundation Sunday September first at Yankee Stadium for info visit Taylor Hooton dot org weather report sponsored by his water we get seventy five degrees sunny skies stellar heading up to eighty seven today our Central Park Saturday partly sunny our high eighty four down here kind of weather yes Sir he did and I'm on vacation next week I even better there you go into your still or sparkling water infused with a variety of fruit essences putting watermelon blackberry and sherry no sugar no sweeteners no calories available in your local grocery store or a drink dot com his mouth watering water and with four slash at the top of the hour this is crystal prestige on WFAN sports radio one one nine FM in sports radio sixty six listen to the fed anytime anywhere download the radio dot com at favorite us today if you have a smart speaker just say play WFAA some of so good Friday morning Robert seven because he wanted to my this afternoon at three with J. J. three seven sixty six sixty six is the phone number here one o'clock CMB comes your way don't friend Ernie cost on the other side a glass with live living quality black pants studio the which is what you need to choose only you know where shoprite we'll get to all the baseball yeah you just continue to tear off the American League nine consecutive wins Walmer on stock winner shell or whatever you know it's a cruise to the division title and of course the Mets tonight open up a monster is three game series with the nationals at Citi field nobody saw it is common the biggest series for the Mets in at least three years as a twenty sixteen season and we'll get all the baseball how roles will join us at eleven o'clock but I got I I I got to start with the football from last night and we'll start what will be I will get to just stop.

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