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Best begin Tuesday, doesn't work some of the stories we're watching the KFI twenty four hour newsroom those fires in northern California have combined to become the state's largest wildfire on record the fire and Mendocino. Lake and Qaluza counties now. Has burn within two hundred eighty three thousand acres, this fire started. July twenty seventh and, is now thirty percent contained it destroyed seventy five homes. Now the Thomas fire which was the, one in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties just last December is now California's second-largest then. We've got the. Fire near reading that destroyed at. Least, one thousand eighty homes it's now forty seven percent contained since July twenty third the fires, burned more than one hundred sixty, four thousand acres seven, people including two firefighters died And again this morning you guys have been amazing to. Re tweet this but I've got the go fund me. Information for firefighter Jeremy stoke. Who was killed in that blaze you can find it at JJ. L. KFI at wakeup call KFI on Twitter today's two of our heat wave. Forecast to be the hottest the national, weather service has issued excessive heat warnings for most of southern California that thirty five. Our business buzz. With CNBC's guy Dominy we'll talk. About, the immediate impact of the US reinstating those sanctions on Iran and if you like new Tallah Do you have a story for you six five it's on, the news Gary and Shannon are in for handled this morning let's talk with ABC's Jim Ryan Jim good morning. So parents of kids who might need an epi pen when. They're at school someday our little nervous because of a recent shortage. Of, the drug what's up yeah this really started. Back in.

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