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I'll pull up the white farmers as well. Here's the deal going at the top. I missed that take. Did you say you don't like the value of two? I hope I'm. I'm saying that I think the value of t y Hilton will be good this year because I doubt that it would get back to where it was the last time we saw. Well, unfortunately for you, he is the tenth wide receiver off the board here guys going behind t. y. Hilton. Wow. According to fantasy football calculator, Adam feeling, oh, give me a break. Feeling Stefan Dick's would take Hilton over digs Doug Baldwin Hilton who iln right now because of the health, Larry FitzGerald depends on what you need. Okay. Tyreek hill Hilton? Yeah. Take Hilton. Hilton is not going to be a great value Amari to where he should be going. He was still fourth in the league in yards per reception. He's still didn't always see why Hilton rings last year. He just, you just couldn't get him the ball more more. Let me consistently. Let me run you through TY Hilton's game logs for fantasy points. K, we know. Okay, but there's a difference between the fantasy production whether or not the player was the same, all the reports at a camper. Great. He's at the peak of his career. He's actually got a quarterback now any and it's not like last year he had to become something else or lost. You know, like I bring up Crabtree Crabtree dropped like seven or eight important metrics in his performance last year. You can blame whatever you want, right. But at the end of the day, Crabtree statistically was much worse Hilton from fantasy. Perfect. And you couldn't rely on them at all, but his metrics were the same. That's all I'm saying. Sure. No, and that's valid. Alright. So at the running back position before we jump into the running back position, we we have Brooks makeup these show dogs, and he's given us the depth chart. There is a glaring omission here from the running backs Brooks, and I, I am very disappointed. Bobby. Oh, the woke one is not even listed Brooks. Get outta here. What this Kristen, Michael Christon. Michael is still there the heck Mickley we still have are widely meeting like old mold on Iraq. I mean, he's like, he's just hangs on to these rosters. You've got to stop talking about a Mike. He is so not wide awake. It's not even funny. He's fast asleep. Yeah, these sounds asleep. Yep, I know. All right. Let's talk about the three running backs that are all the rage right now. Marla MAC, Jordan, welcomes name Heinz. Those three guys. Marla MAC appears projected to be the starter to get opportunity. He's been on the team, right? He's only veteran guide their yards. Robert turban is there after his suspension just doing curls to see. He's just back in the just he staring at the practice doing curls on the sideline. But Marla MAC projects to be the starter. A lot of people really don't like Marla MAC call a Jag. He's just a guy. He wasn't great. Last season, didn't even get four yards a carry. That's kind of one of the narratives. I actually believe he was okay last. They call it the Holloway right narrative. That's the hall the anti hallway, Mike, right narrative. You guys believe that I'm fine with that. I don't think Marla MAC is a world beater, but I do believe he's the best running back on the roster and I think he was better than he gets credit for last season. I went back and watch a lot of film. The offensive line was atrocious. He was still the best shirts for carry on the team, which kind of matters. You know what they're all dealing with and that was with without Andrew lucked. So my money is on Marla MAC to have a decent season, but it could absolutely be a Paul Perkins situation where he's the default starter, just not good enough to get it done. I, I look at it more like the, I look at him as Kenyan Drake, light in the sense that I worried about..

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