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Present issued a long list of supreme court candidates well before the election to really grow just thinking of going to be very impressed with resonant consulted with the republicans and democrats are good filibuster unblocked the choice as republican leader mitch mcconnell didn't president obama's last pick anticipating will be a how i qualified individual was drove hopes to make a few supreme court picks during his term and be field abc news washington lesson for live coverage of the presidents announcement it's six o'clock tonight right here on katie a are news we know one thing the president will be doing traveling to milwaukee wisconsin he's cancelled an expected speech on the economy they're a thursday visit would've been one of his first outside of washington dc as president a seventy five your old iranian grandmother heading to phoenix was detained it l a x following the ban issued by president trump and the executive order on people coming from seventh specific countries her grandson tells katie years were saying james and families use his grandmother does not speaking wash see bosh naci telecom are says she was told the retaining here because it was insane fewer colvin a separate room in the room with by thirty thirty five of the year honor him to a been interviewed for about four five hours with interview with the typical path for check interview where you from along and you're going to the country talent are says eight never had issues like this before he's concern because his grandmother holds a green cards to republican senators are voted today in favor of the nomination about to give us to be education secretary said they are i'm sure they will vote the same way the nomination becomes an goes before the full senate susan called the main at least for workouts give alaska say they need to be convinced however very little convincing needed in the seven today for you lane shall she's been confirmed as the new transportation secretary some irony involving a video production taking place on a streak your oklahoma city oklahoma oklahoma city college film student jacob cain was hoping the local police department to produce a public awareness video about impaired driving on a cart came speeding out of the darkness he wasn't will a slowing down like the other cars were in the kind of did a little bit of a sore narrowly missing another member of the crew the man was pulled over and found to be twice the legal blood alcohol limit for driving police.

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