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Both directions of the Selman Expressway between Gandhi Boulevard and Willow. Paul Cross news radio Wofl, eh? Ah, you passing downpours will linger into the evening hours. But in general, those rain chances tapering off. We'll start out Thursday morning dry, mild and McGee temperatures near 74. It will be a pretty overcast the clouds stick around throughout the day. Highs near 87 a 30% chance to see those passing downpours moving from the east to the West. Friday will be a bit drier with just a 20% chance for those showers. Highs near 88 on the water Tomorrow. East winds at 15 Nazis, 2 to 3 FT. A maxim venerate meteorologist Amanda Holly coating the news and disseminating information with actionable intelligence. Make no mistake. Great. You're great America. This is the Buck Sexton show Mercia and remember that the sex is no We have to remind people over and over again of exactly what the consequences are If you feel the vote, I've been telling people that elections are important Call one more important than the other. But I will say there's some elections are more consequential than this. And I believe that this is the most consequential election of my lifetime. And I've been here for.

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