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But I truly appreciate you coming on and thank you for for everything that you all are doing a Debbie Debbie L. to keep all your listeners informed of what's going on what you do since two and then when they want to hear some revelation so thank you guys again for what you do Wallace thank in this going on I want to thank pipes for us to get me out of a jam so many times I can't even tell you how many times and and I'm very thankful also that they showed up and they took that wrench on my hands and they were very polite about it but they took it out of my hand none the less and it probably saved me a whole lot of money in the long run because there's no telling how much damage I would have created any in our for us is a locally owned and operated company for over seventeen years a plus rating with the BBB they just love what they do and that's why I love calling upon them because when they come out they have a great attitude they get into the problem they assess the problem they figure out how they're going to remediate the problem and they go about doing it and if you're not there they communicate with you via email tell you what the situation is how they're going to fix it how long you're going to be there one is going to be out of your hair I love that so when their people in your pipes they're thinking about making it convenient for you now how many folks do you.

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