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To call us, we sleep on it and see if it's still a great idea down sleep on this gentleman. Maybe didn't have to call us. That's all I'm saying. Hey row. Greg Jarrett kennel. That was just wanted to say, I know it's walls and the drunk down Zaari, but it's your fault. Oh my God. Eggnog and brandy Luda. Best thing that ever happened in my life. And I would never think to even talk about you and watching Eddie eating salmon mousse than tastic anyway, no Christmas. Two. You know, what's great about drunk people? What's that is how simple they make life? It's true. And I can observe that from the sober point of view were like how they just find the thing that makes them happy. And like this is the greatest alcohol. That's what makes them happy. Hey, Brennan is a good thing. Happen, and it wouldn't even known to drunk it. Wasn't for new Nettie. Salmon, mousse lady say was from the beginning. Again, I got nothing on that. I was trying to decipher it the whole time. I was putting this call together to put it on the show and nothing could make something out of it. Here's go. Hey, Ralph Craig KENDALL. I wanted to say, I know a lot of Canelo vet card. Get your fault. Try that one more time. Craig here kennel. Cattle of rats kettle of rats, maybe a kettle of rattle rat. Hey, Ralph Greg kennel that. The kettle of rats Pero. Greg kennel? I just wanted to say, maybe it's a kennel of rats. Maybe he's got a kennel of rive. He's a rant dealer rats. Maybe one more time. Hey, wral, curricular kennel. Kendall. Maybe it's his local watering hole the kennel of rat. Cool. He said that's the worst pub maim ever go down to the low rats pints. Well, it goes without saying some day when I retire from using my voice for a living, and I opened up a little pub somewhere KENDALL of rats. We'll be the name of that establishment. And there you have it. Those are the top ten best moments of the Ralph report from twenty eighteen as voted on by you, the Garm and speaking of you as always as I look back over this year, and what an amazing year it has been. None of it would be possible without you. And you may get tired of hearing me say this, but I never will stop. Thank you so much each and.

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