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World of sports. Carl Dukes. Put them up CBS Sports Radio XM Channel 26 on the Odyssey APP as well, Thank you for listening on this Sunday morning and happy Fourth of July. We're going to open up the phones at 8 20. For you to shoot. Your shot has always tell you each week Be brave, had the audacity to do something great. And when you call in, you got to bring it. I say this every single week. Now we open up the phone lines throughout the course of the show you can always chime in. If you have something you want to say or add to the show. But I don't accept. We calls that won't be tolerated on this program. So I don't care what your opinion is. Just have one. So I want you on your game. I say it every Sunday. Well, I'm just waking up. Don't call I'm just having breakfast. Don't call I need you to be on your game, okay? So we'll do that at 8 20. You can talk about whatever you want here on the program. As far as the culture of places, workplaces specifically In sports. It matters a whole lot. And I always say this You know, in my business, it's no different. But It's always about the people you work. With in four Than anything else. Companies are companies, policies or policies. But the day in and day out Matters. So when I saw the NFL, finding the Washington Redskins $10 million after an investigation in the workplace culture I wasn't surprised. And you know why. Because The Washington football team. Has been that place where you go paying pretty good You don't work there. Yeah, but I mean, you don't want to work there. And now it's all come to light. And the investigation came after last year's Washington Washington's Post did a report And they did a spotlight on 15 former female employees of the team. Describing their experiences with sexual harassment. This is within the organization. And the report provided details that included incidents of female employees who were forced to engage in Sexual advancements, disrespectful comments by team employees. But it started at the top. It started with Daniel Snyder. And Daniel Snyder his own formerly the Redskins. Now the Washington football team. 21 22 years now. And you know, the dysfunction hasn't just been on the field. It hasn't been just on the field. It's been behind the scenes. Some of you will say, Well, that doesn't matter. How do you hire the best people? How do you get the best people to be engaged in your organization and want to do a great job for you? If this kind of stuff is going on behind the scenes and people know about it. How can people be their best? Because the people behind the scenes Other people who lead to you having a great football team. So when this came out, I remember saying on my show That I never rushed to judgment. I just don't I know there's some people that I didn't love you. Oh, guilty. I don't do that. I say, Let's see where this goes and see what the investigation says. And we'll then we'll make make. Uh you know our opinion. But you had the Washington football team cheerleaders. Claiming they had been secretly videotaped while getting undressed. You remember this? And then they later reached a settlement with the team. So Daniel Schneider, who's been the owner, co owner, CEO, Whatever Brought in this attorney to do an investigation internally, and basically, I'm going to hire somebody Take care of this is kind of what he said. And then the investigation was later turned over to the NFL, which found out all of this stuff. Okay? Now I'm not an attorney. I'm not going to tell you. I know how all of this works with the investigation itself, But now that it's out there, and the report is out there It's clear it's plain and simple. It's clear. This was a toxic work environment. And then you start looking at the Redskins results. Three and 13 79 79. 79 4 and 12, 3 and 13 just going over the last decade. Four and 12 6 and 10 8 and eight You don't think this had anything to do it? Well, they draft the wrong people. Maybe because you couldn't get a general manager in there. They really could do a job that needed to be done because behind the scenes, all of this crap was going on. Daniel Snyder. He butts into much Maybe he does. This doesn't help. So when the NFL took this over, they were like, um We've got issues. So they find them $10 million, and now Daniel Snyder's put out a statement talking about all the things he's learned. You know, I feel great remorse for the people who had difficult and even traumatic experiences while working here. Daniel, You didn't know any of this. You didn't know any of this. I'm truly sorry. This is a statement for that. And I can't turn back the clock when I promise that nobody who works here will ever have that kind of experience again. Now to his credit, I will say this They have been trying to change the culture. Okay? Ron Rivera. Good hire. Great. Hi. I love Ron Rivera. Diversifying the executive team it matters. You need people who don't necessarily look like you. You need people who think differently than you. That's how you have success..

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