California, NBC, President Trump discussed on Dr. Wendy Walsh


People in southern California have been going to the beach this Memorial Day weekend now that access has been allowed him to the pandemic of the surfer tells NBC four he's happy to be back in the water we've been locked in for like two much straight some time losing my tan a little bit health and safety rules are in place along the coast people need to stay six feet apart and wear face coverings not everyone is doing both churches and other houses of worship in the Southland are looking for to guidance from governor Newsom on how they can re open nuisance that guidelines were modified in person services would be released by tomorrow the governor made the comment Friday just hours after president from dean churches and other houses of worship ascential and called on governors across the country to allow them to re open immediately the top official at the American health care association says it's going to take a lot to re open nursing homes we need to keep cobra down in the communities of the nursing homes are in if you're in a nursing home within a community that has very little code but there's not that huge risk of it getting into the buildings president and CEO mark Parkinson says issue number two is adequate testing whereas the ideal scenario is having testing on site Florida democratic congresswoman Val Demings says she has some worries about theme parks we opening in her state we know that this Buhari's as not yet under control and it will not be until we have a vaccine Deming's whose district includes the theme park area of Orlando has praised the theme parks for being strategic and methodical when pursuing plans for re opening a man who allegedly faked a corona virus diagnosis is facing federal charges the man in charge it is charged with defrauding his employer after he allegedly faked a medical excuse letter he's since admitted that he didn't have the virus in March he told his supervisors at an unidentified fortune five hundred company that he had tested positive for the coronavirus and emailed a letter stating that he'd been admitted to the hospital and needed a quarantine for fourteen days prior to that.

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