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Today. Today's announcement is an acknowledgement that the Cruz campaign deprived voters of critical information. Not me. I mean, I've known this about cruise. Why didn't vote for crews in the presidential primary? Why voted for Trump over crews in? I think it's a lot of people went in. And we'll never admit publicly. They voted for Benoa Rourke over cruise. In the home stretch. This is a senior director of campaign legal center in the home stretch, the high profile election voters were misled about cruises, personal and came pain finances. This is particularly harmful given that financial issues were at the issue. In the campaign and could have factored into voters decision making at the ballot. You know, womb on it. And we close out the program. Pointed this out before but I'm going to go back to it. And probably put something on about social media later. There are a lot of good Republicans in Lubbock county. I want to start with that. Disclaimer. The problem is is that so many of them are not involved in the local party anymore because the local party has just gone out. I mean, it's wingnut crazy. If you follow the Lubbock Democratic Party. There are exceptions. And I would say within a leadership there are exceptions. But by and large a bunch of people who are left in the vacuum of cable news in don't have real jobs and just go to town on like, oh, you cannot say anything good about George Mahan. I a congressman who vowed out nineteen Seventy-nine because he's a Jim crow democrat like all this identity politics being extrapolated, it's cultural imperialism and put upon Democrats of generation ago. But I'll tell you this the Lubbock county Republican party is much mess. As is the democratic county party me, it is a absolute disaster. Look, no further than the official Facebook of the Lubbock county Republican party. And there was this. This cartoon that was put up doing the spot memory. It's a lot of people in different colored jackets. A lot of cartoon figures that kind of look the same that go through banner in it's called public schools. And they all come out looking the exact same. It's the Lubbock county. Republican party's way is saying. That everybody goes through public schools is homogeneous, but it's my way of saying this how far from fricken reality or you guys removed that you're gonna come down on spring lake earth is St. you're gonna come down on idolize. Let's stick within Lubbock county. Shallow water is the even down in the Lynn new home that you're gonna come down within all the is Steve's in Lubbock and say that public education is some sort of racquet some sort of propaganda machine. And that's one for you. That's why you've completely. That's why there are fifty to seventy five people in our hope that upper breasts within the Lubbock county Republican party because this program is certainly shifted a lot of things. In how we work politically locally. But I hope that you guys see that sort of messaging and whatever goof in L bet you fifty dollars right now the person who runs the Lubbock county Republican Facebook page works for a state entity. I will promise you that right now. That's not to say on the who they are which I do know who they are. So it is to say who I know who they are. But they work for a state entity. Okay. They work for the the state that you fear so much that runs the economy in Lubbock county, agriculture medical and education public in higher. Ed. In what a bunch of buffoons. You guys are that you would let these people get away with the sort of stuff.

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