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Site. I I understood that. I also got they had a big they had a big bookstore option. They're in Grammy's and. They had it looks like they're not sold a lot of books. So they had some very discounted books. I. Got a copy of Howard zinn the people's history of the United States made like a updated addition for six ninety nine. For all of my nearly midlife or probably midlife. And I'm denying it age. I did feel good bunged that book. I hear you know, I'm buying all the records and records today. I'm buying an record from the most wealthy artists. I'm sure and you know, and you can look on the fine print, and it's clearly like ITO a few corporations are listed in the. In the record. I'm so glad I got it. I guess I actually so I'm working on getting record. I'm working on getting a record player this week. Via craigslist. But there's a good one on there. I think if I can make an app, and I'll get a good record player inexpensively. I haven't even so I haven't listened to record down the man. I'm excited. The what I was saying is the Howard zinn choices pretty punk choice. If you will. I love that book. I don't I I have an audio book. I listened to not recently of that book. But I listened to it about ten years ago. And Howard zinn rest in peace. Phenomenal contrarian and secrete historian, man. I'm looking forward to digging a little deeper. Terra in. I. Worked with open table staff. To turn in a. Used but in good condition. Full sized bed. That we gave. Just some folks who needed it in Nashville open tables, great organization, I wanna get more involved with them. I've known them for years. But I just haven't. I haven't haven't gone deeper, but open tables all about housing people and. Once folks get house, how can you give them greater dignity as folks that are working their way and to functional society from? A story in each case of they weren't very functional for different reasons. Whether reasons of just addiction abuse in some ways, excuse me. Yeah. So we cer- Tara. And I and to folks from open table went to a tower on the north side of town. Section eight housing. Brought a bet in. That we credited Terek is. I got impatient. I'm like, let's just haul. This thing off to goodwill, and blah, blah, blah..

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