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You know that that guy in jian i don't know if that's brian anderson he stole gary tanguay call the end their course or gary tanguay once filled in for mike gorman this is oh my god had to be twenty eleven twenty twelve and somebody got hot and started hitting threes like rosier did and that was tanguay call why not so he stole tang waste that is out there on the inter whims because all we did was razz tanguay in play those for ever that's when paul paul was going for the old patriots giger trying to align himself up and didn't want to be remembered for why not so we were asked to kind of not play them as much but that's the kind of excitement that you get when terry rosier is knocking down shots seven three pointers i mean either dennis scottish of him last night it really is and i'm checking the so the playoff totals in eight games he started all eight of them he's shooting forty four percent from the field he's shooting forty three point eight percent from three and hitting eighty percent of his free throws now if we go to the whole home versus road splits that's where i use my line therein lies the rub with terry rozier therein lies the rub with pretty much everyone in the nba playoffs right now which is why i pump the brakes a little bit in terms of i mean i'm not ready to declare brad stevens anything but i would like to see him win meaningful rogue game i'm pro brad stevens of course in terms of your cleveland associate there who is writing him off obviously that was a hot tea and he was pouring gasoline on the fire there but i can see why people are still waiting for stevens to win a row game especially you know we're sitting here in the current nba climate where home teams are winning seventy five percent of their games in the playoffs mazing and that's not even counting if you included actually decent teams like golden state and houston they're actually winning on the road so if you removed them the the few teams that people actually deem elite everybody else's is winning their games at home and losing their games on the road so it would be nice.

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