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Late at night vacation you want to annoy your relatives, if they're liberals, you know, that sort of thing, but I'm quite serious. I'm trying to get everybody in my audience, AM FM satellite. I want you all to download the show not in lieu of listening to our wonderful affiliates. Our wonderful satellite friends over at XM serious. No, just so you have to fill the gaps. Just so you have it when you need it. Let us go to Ray, Livermore, California. The great K S F O R friend, Ray, go, Mark. I want to circle back to the first hour when you were talking about examining, Nancy, Pelosi's mental state. Yeah. The scrutinizing up her finances. Yes, I'd like to add we should mount a Breathalyzer on her speaking podium. That that could help us out a little bit. But I, you know, you would ensnare half the members of congress matter of fact, building on your point Ray, maybe what we ought to have his way. What do they call DUI stops? What do they call it? Yeah. Nothing like that police what does that the checkpoint checkpoints? We ought to encircle. The capital have a checkpoint and about half of them are drunks about half of them are and then that's one way to solve the problem. Yeah. It makes them blow before every vote. In fact, we could we could. That would be great, wait a minute. So right there where they used their car to vote. There has to be this Breathalyzer device first they have to blow into that. Then they have to make sure they're not drunk, and then they can vote. That's a great idea. Right. They do they do the drunks when they they need to drive. You know, they have to get to work, and that's right. Just a mess car. It would be easy enough to know. I don't drink. But I've heard of it. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. But I think she's doing us a favor in not allowing the president to speak because she's showing us who she really is like a truth serum to Chuck and Nancy and the left. He smokes them out like an old western movie, putting a wet blanket on the chimney, and he just fills up with smoke, and they come running out, and they unmask themselves. They show us who they really are. And I think you, and I know, but a lot of America doesn't know who these people are in Trump Weicker truth serum is showing America who these people are. Well, that's a good way to put it. It's a nice positive way to put it. And so there are these positive outcomes. But as an overall matter what she's done, here's diabolical, and she should be condemned for it. All right, right. Good ideas, my friend. We'll be right back. Levin. Mm-hmm. Trouble sleeping. Hello..

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