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Trump wants tighter control of migrants on the Mexico side of the border. President Trump's top economic advisor, Kevin has it says there are signs of progress in those talks, the president's top priority is resolving the crisis. I think a nice metric of how serious he is about making progress on that while continuing on the path around before, is that, you know, we're still working hard on US MCA that is the trade deal with Canada and Mexico. The government is reporting a week increase in job growth. Here's the AP's, Ben Thomas. The Labor Department says employers added seventy five thousand jobs in may a modest increase, well off this year's average monthly gain of one hundred sixty four thousand economists had assigned businesses may have become more cautious in the face of slowing global growth trade fights in the fading stimulus from tax cuts, and greater government SP. Pending. However, the unemployment rate remains at three point six percent, nearly fifty year low and wages rose three point one percent from a year ago. Ben Thomas Washington, former Minneapolis police officer, Mohammad nor was sentenced to twelve and a half years in prison for the shooting death of an unarmed woman who called nine one one newer spoken court seeing her there, I knew an instant that I was wrong. The death of Mayer has only increased from that moment, nor apologized, adjusting Damon's family for taking the life of a perfect person. Federal prosecutors have charged in New York City man with buying illegal guns, from an undercover agent is part of a plan terrorist attack on Times Square the board of trustees at the university of Alabama voted to give back a twenty six million dollar donation from philanthropist. Hugh Culverhouse who recently called on students to boycott the university over the new abortion ban in Alabama. It was the biggest donation ever to that school. This is AP radio news. This is the last day on the job as party leader for Britain's Prime Minister Theresa may steps down as lead in turmoil and a country in limbo. In Khaw out to the EU may will be remembered a, so they just in alone line of conservative is destroyed by the policies divisions over Europe. And as a prime minister who failed in her primary mission to leave the but history could also see how. As a leader who faced hard odds would stubborn determination before appeared as pm. They had set the six years as homesick, Trie, Hispano voters immigration. I'm Lauren order, soon to establish reputation, the solid competence Anak, the pushing flashier rivals, Charleston desma, the VR Chrysler is recalling nearly three hundred forty three thousand ram pickup trucks worldwide because the airbags may not inflate in a crash. The company doesn't know of any crashes or injuries and says, the problem is rare Ed Donahue, AP radio news. More news right after this. At farmers insurance. We know a roof can withstand alive. One exception being an airborne car seen it covered it click for more. Underwritten by farmers insurance exchange center. Affiliates products available in every state by the United States in the Persian Gulf region prompted a run to take a step back, according to one US commander. But as AP's Mike Rossier reports it was also noted that it's too early to conclude the threat is gonna top commander of American forces in the Middle East said Thursday, Iran has chosen to step back and recalculate after United States buildup of military assets in the region. General Frank MacKenzie spoke with reporters accompanying him to the Gulf, the USS. Abraham LINCOLN carrier strike group? For air force b fifty two bombers and additional batteries of army patriot. Air defense systems were rushed to the region after US intelligence picked up on a rainy in threats in the first days of may, the Kenzi added, he still has concerns about potential aggression by Iran might cross ya Washington. The current government crackdown in Sudan, has the attention of the United Nations health agency AP's, Charles de LA desma reports. It's concerned over reports of numerous deaths and injuries. The World Health Organization says it's gravely concerned over the targeting of patients, medical staff and facilities in sedan. Join a military crackdown on protesters, the killed over one hundred people this week. The group says security full season, making incursions into contacting hospitals, fulsome, shutdowns emergency and health services. WHO says ten clinics setup to treat injured protesters have been sits on fought and destroyed medical equipment looted on healthcare workers assaulted rapes, a female health locus of also being reported. I'm charlesetta this. AP radio news Donahue. The White House says the five percent tariff against Mexico will go into effect on Monday talks are going on.

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