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Disgusted that they were made public and now we read if these tyson the things that have been said by trump to not be related to collusion into collusion for example the real estate deal the trump tower moscow deal or paul manafort's dealings with for a long time president trump says paul manafort he did his own weird stuff he was a consultant now this is the fact that paul manafort ask these people for help so bringing it into the campaign put those arguments are so ridiculous that it is a i mean it is a shame on our country that those arguments are even taken seriously the arguments that paul manafort paul manafort's entanglements with putin allied oligarchs are somehow orthodontal to the rest of the investigation or my attempt to build a trump tower in moscow which a criminal linked to the russian mafia said would result in my election in an email to my lawyer michael cohen who's been rated by the guy this is some kind of engine that is not germane to the main issue itself i think shows how much they have successfully been able to kind of mess with us and mess with our understanding of what's right in front of our face except that in the end what's going to matter more our own sense of general public confusion about what's really important or the results of the molar investing which i'm pretty confident are going to be directed and by the way the president may decide not to cooperate and muller may decide to subpoena them but muller may also decide not to and conclude his investigation with other evidence but that's idea that the facts will outright the truth will out it matters what he finds and i believe that right but the thing is like it is a political process like they could find literally tech from the president saying vitamin putin like today's the day to release the hacking i'm serious and what baby you don't get two thirds votes like the point is that like if they're successful intimate say that's not a cry if they are successful in killing their base and spending all this right we want to say well.

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