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Of game first of all they don't sack anybody think they've seventeen sacks Miami overseas so he should have plenty of time back there especially having Billy Johnson and Brandt and bring a book Brooks back he should have all day to throw they don't cover their passing defense is awful they give up the most points in the NFL I mean if it I'll look I'll be the first one to tell you when to stop the last two weeks if he can't get right against this team then there are major major deeper rooted problems they just he's pressing right now yeah the yeah yeah I just think sometimes a narrative of false narratives repeated enough that people start to believe it especially disturbing it's also known as politics well I think I think the other part of it to glide as you don't hear the you know words chemistry in character a lot of times thrown around when a team's wanting you never hear like in seventeen did he did he suddenly that have different character in seventeen when he when they were eleven until and now suddenly he has no partner for its plan that giant you know stand story shadow of Nick full exactly but that's the point I mean I think it's just because it's reported by you by Josina Anderson buddy what by the way with the eagles need to do an easier said than done but they have to route all of this out in the off season and cleanse that locker know these guys a lot of guys got together problem is it's almost that this could be almost damn near impossible to move out John Jeff are you were you told me earlier that Joe banner said it's going to happen Joe battered with the pulled on which the Q. and a with him on on inquires every week it's actually pretty and it's it's it's I I find a job as an interesting to order followed so much more intramuscular interesting now are you know interesting name on a safe fun he's combative yeah I find it I can I can deal with them now much more that he's not actually run in the eagles yeah yeah but but you know basically said look you they're gonna move on from al shot end to Sean and Davos fault was well but the the captive locations because they restructure which is one of the worst movies how he's ever done by the way yeah of moving him and then Joe was basically like take the cap hit like that's a big capital band affect the just sort of glossed over yeah eight eight eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four will work in the other local teams coming up and we'll take your calls eight eight eight seven two nine ninety four ninety four he's rob L. as in for ray didn't Jr I'm going back.

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