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At WBZ, 10 30 dot com slash health. 5 53 traffic and weather together. These Subaru retailers have New England all wheel drive traffic dog, the threes. We are by No means out of the woods. It appears Mike No. Now we're still in the thick of it. Here, Ben up to the north. We've got problems here with 4 95 north, it is locked up. Before Route to 13 and Matthew and up in behavioral, almost three miles of all brake lights with a crash up after Ward Hill, you're stuck in that you want to be in that far left lane to get by. Let's see on 1 20 eights doing now check in with the WBC news radio traffic copter. This is no picnic either over here, either. 1 28 south that we've gotta crash down in the 93 cloverleaf. It's now backed up beyond North Avenue. Wakefield almost factor 1 29, and it is crawling through the south found part of this down for the crash. I'm Christian AC In the WBC news radio traffic copter you have the cell found Expressway is backed up outside of the tunnel to South Bay and now Furnace Brook Parkway to the Braintree split a crash it furnace Brook has Don't blaze starting before he's Milton Square. A passing upon that circle. Not too bad after that, But now 18 minutes or so from Braintree into Boston to give you an idea, not Route three South all clear down past route 53 eventually in tow Duck spree in Kingston tonight. No worries there downtown. The lower deck of 93 is okay. So what's the Tobin Bridge? The Sumner Tunnel. Storrow Drive is backed up a little bit coming in to leverage Circle and the mass turnpikes in decent shape right now to my king's deputy busies traffic on the three Now we checked before day WBC at your weather for Cast brought to a spy. Toyota's official website for deals buy a Toyota dot com Here's Brian. Some sponsors see a flurry of snow shower and early this evening. Otherwise will be a partly cloudy night tonight and brisk alot 30 in Boston twenties in the suburbs, turning out blustery and colder tomorrow with intervals of clouds of sunshine Carol out of Florida Snow shower will high of 37, but actually, the real field temperatures will be in the twenties. Even the tines of times, mainly clear. Tomorrow night lows will be on the teams inland about 21 downtown. Brisk and cold for Thursday with intervals of clouds of sun High 34 milder on Friday with some son of a high bank up near 40, but then colder again. Highs will be in the low thirties over the weekend. I thank you but the meteorologist Brian Topside, WBZ Boston's news radio 30 degrees right now in Worcester, 41 in New Bedford. In Chatham. It's 39 37 degrees in Boston. Soon into WBZ. It's 705 a M, 12 35 and 5:35 p.m. for tomorrow's technology today, brought to you by Toyota learn the latest news from leading experts on cutting edge innovations, Hybrid and safety technology. Toyota by 55. What your post online could get you into trouble, especially in Thailand. A woman there received a record prison sentence for something she posted online. According Thailand sends the former civil servant to a record 43 years and six months in prison for breaching the country's strict law on insulting or defaming the monarchy. She posted audio clips to Facebook and YouTube with comments deemed critical of the monarchy. The court initially announced her senses 87 years but reduced it by half because she pleaded guilty to the offenses. Thai lawyers for Human Rights identified the woman sentenced Tuesday only by her first name on John and said she was in her mid sixties. That Piper CBS News, the coronavirus pandemics forced many beauty companies to get creative in their marketing. Some are opting to use more influencer driven advertising, but a new report finds beauty campaigns on social media. Have lacked diversity. Carolina Vignali's is the founder of Ike you insights the data company analyzed the social media campaigns of nearly 70 beauty brands and found darker skin tones are only seen up to 13% of the time. Last year's black.

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