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A network video surveillance system. Visit. Bail arm dot com to get protected today, So Cal weather from Ko Phi. Partly cloudy and smoky, with some fog close to the coast temperatures in the low to mid seventies at the beaches mid to high eighties and Metro In Orange County, Low nineties in the Valley and into the mid nineties in the inland Empire Smoky still this weekend with temperatures in the mid to high eighties and orange in L. A county's mid nineties in the eye right now, it's 80 degrees in Costa Mesa, 83 in La Habra 77 in Pasadena and 81 in Gardena. We lead local live from the kick off I 24 hour news room. I'm Rob Newton. So what? I what I heard in that text was that your wife also thinks you could pick up the phone and call your daughter. Why are you waiting for an 18 year old to call you? That's not gonna happen. You've got to get on the phone. I'm sorry. Are you talking to me? Take the initiative. Yes, I don't know. Because I don't want to be the I don't want to be. She's like Dad. Ah, stop calling you but you any of it called once, but I texted her. And that's the way the Children these days prefer to communicate what I understand, But she's your wife.

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