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A systemic problematic series of racial injustice beyond both in terms of the structure and specific acts you know that there is going to be a disproportionate bias in the outcome right so if you're inputs have imports next was a bias then you're out but you're also made by us and you're gonna pretend that its objective when it's really not and that's a problem right that's a problem if you don't recognize the dangers in these data driven a targeting mechanisms so then the question becomes where's the line i mean if i happen to live in a certain community that happens to be full of a certain type of person i'm more likely to come in contact with folks like that whether they have criminal histories or or what have you i mean i grew up in a very low income can munity you know so that that likelihood is probably higher for me than it might be for other folks and so where we draw the line hasn't really been demarcated yet in terms of our our individual privacy no not at all in fact the reason i wrote this book is i think that we have not as a nation been talking about this we have an recognize that these technologies are changing the way police are doing their job of who's getting these systems are who's been collecting these databases i view big out a policing as both a civil rights issue because it affects different communities differently and affects communes of color differently in ways that we need to be paying attention what's also democracy issue right we need to be starting a have these conversations and going to our chief of police and going to our american saying what surveillance are you use technologies are using how no they work how do you know they're good how do you know they're not you know creating a rear find some the bias that we know exists in society and we need answers because right now we don't have answers and almost every city in america about the technologies that are being used right now on our citizens andrew fergusson is the author of the new book the rise of big data policing survey lenz race and the future of law enforcement i'm jacqueline cincotta wnyc's program director we are grateful for the outpouring of support received during our.

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