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WT open. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Now 7 15, here's rob wood Ford. All right, Marilyn and Michigan. Just reaching halftime at Xfinity center and that terfs defense is getting it done, Steve dresner is live in college park. He's got the first half summary. They are certainly getting it done rob, the key stat here is Michigan has turned the ball over 14 times in the first half, and we're in halftime with the Maryland women leading Michigan 39 to 29 diamond Miller the hot hand in the second quarter 13 total points after one half of play Cheyenne sellers with 9 points, Maryland shooting 44% from the field, Michigan 42% were at the half in college park, Maryland over Michigan 39 29. All right, thank you, Steve. The James Madison men just getting started against coastal Carolina out to a ten to run are the dukes to open the game. We're also just getting started at Capital One arena. The capitals and penguins renew their storied hockey rivalry we have no score in the first period, the capitals, though, on the power plays we reach the 5 minute mark in this first period. The first NFL head coaching domino is finally fallen, the Carolina Panthers, choosing Frank Reich over interim coach Steve Wilkes, who's representative, said today we are shocked and disturbed by the move and that quote there's a legitimate race problem in the NFL that will be addressed in the coming days. There is justified outrage over Wilkes, who is one of the black coaches in the racial discrimination suit against the league and multiple teams not getting this job despite leading Carolina from a one in four start under Matt roll to within a game of winning their division. Rob Woodward to WTO sports

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