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Rides of scars. Yes yes he really is and speaking of power. We have another it. Ration- power now. We had i think we had the woman mary j. blige like power triple. Yeah powerbook to go. That's the dose. Seek yet the okay the sequel and now we have a prequel. But it's not a ghost. No this is Pity sits cared better with any any ship to hustle now. And they're calling. Is you know what they're calling this powerbook three. Which kind of like i mean. If i was into this world i would totally be in to this thing. That court is doing. Yeah but this is powerbook three raising canaan and wait till we tell you who's raising them one of course let me Let's let's just go back to what's happening here. This is not from porty. aac kim. It is based on her characters. this is from shasha in instead who has created this along with some other writers That court kinda groomed. Now hold on. Let's talk about pedigree year. we gotta do it. We just talked about one of our while to say one of my favorite. Tv shows and franchises of all time by the king's robert michelle king. Guess okay our a good wife. Good fight guests. Who was one of her head. Writers there had writers court. The ache was riding on the good wife. For many seasons as a premier writer. I won't be had writer because the case for that writers but growth She she was a high level writer so she's been groomed to tell these kinds of stories whether you like stories are not well. That's that's up to us to fill that out but this is coming to us from the nineties and You know lulu and neom are here. We've got patina miller. Broadway's favorite girl. Patina miller is planned. Thomas who's kanaan's mum and let me tell you some. If somebody approaches. Her son tries to do some harm. She'll care what age they are. She goes to stop that pillowcase. But some metal and allow nowh- i tell you it's a somewhat they use it. She show will she. Would you would be you deal with them to now. that's right. You got omar epps showing up with you know at this point. Oh wait a minute at this point. Omar epps belongs in this hour university. He just really does. I feel hallmark of show up at any shown. i'm good. Yeah so there you go with that end in his other people that you're gonna talk about an walk through with this now. What we need from you critic is for those of us who aren't in the power universe. Why do we need to raise canaan. Why does this need to be the third installment. Why now ooh quick answer they got Four spin offs of power. That's why and This one is fifty cent who does the Voice over and he's just too just in case we have people were like completely Pity said and courtney worthy co executive producers of power and it was courtney's idea obviously but city brought in some life experience. Shall we say so there. You have that yes and You know this is his character and you know in in the show. They lead up to it and he's like look. I mean you know how this ends but you don't know how it began so that's the whole raising part of it And it does make some sense. They did a sequel now prequel. So they're kind of book ending girl power now. We start in the eighties. And canaan is little and he's being bullied is mama rock like you said or rob a short play by patina well. Kanaan's father I don't know if it was her husband or not. But you know they were together. He's dead and gone and he was a drug dealer now he was almost had like an impact. So you know where you control blocks and all of that kind of stuff. Yeah and he showed rock the roads so now she's in charge. Oh that's right. And she also has to. Lieutenant who are brothers in older brother play by london brown who was involved and did a great job ballers. His name is marvin and his her younger brother. Lulu play malcolm. Mays now marvin thinking well. Why is he working for his younger sister But can he be taken seriously. Is the question in another question is if he's not. What will that do to him over time right mary. We know where that's going younger brother. Smart and rock. Trust him to do things but even though he'll do them how does he feel when he does. And what's that gonna lead to. Does he's really looking for a companion of a life companion woman. He has his eye on one. Can he get this woman because of what he does like. Those things will start to bear fruit now. Marvin the oldest daughter of course kanaan's cousin jukebox now in the eighties. When canaan was being bullied jukebox was being held back she played by hayley kilgore who was on broadway as well and once on. This is the last one to see if she was being in the ninth. Yeah right right. So she's been held back. She is his protector. Why she call do clocks because he has a particular talent that surprising for someone who will not you out so we have that.

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