NFL, Fran Tarkenton, Derrick Thomas discussed on The Michael Hart Show


That was the step well the the point is legs scrambling the point is is that the fans are having their voice heard uh y'all spoken out loud and clear and guess what the nfl's here in the same thing for their spot you're speaking out is actually getting to their advertisers who know that you're upset and know that if they continue to sponsor the nfl you're not going to shop with them either so they're getting out and that's where the nfl player start here in us i got a perfect technology for that the yeah yeah okay so the nfl's fran tarkenton and the paying public our lack derrick thomas and coordinating us biscuit bennett come reform the corners and they scrambling and they too flawlessly fran whiten slow away from bennett roms yes brain me world may have no dial it back i think the ballot way back this sunday i believe so to joe's of next now are you joe uh yeah i believe the college players are in the locker room your excellent are they not on the field for that at slow from what i heard uh you know you you may be right because now that i'm thinking about it those guys are playing football soon after they come out on the field yep so i don't feel like if i can't be up all of them will know about that i mean you know lisa that's what up rda like that i don't know for sure but poor i hadn't been football game longtime at full after cult ethnic and that will benefit all looked out lawyer i.

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