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Watch us national match and i was put in it so many every day with us latest continues to and what's the plan for. Wwe the didn't know what that. And say that. I i never by mickey chancellor trivia legend. She's after she played formulas but ready. She paid for the women's championship. But this is the disappointed that she wa- she never went after his church are but this would be guest apartment. There was a mickey jets to beat the women's championship. The opportunity to lead the title of state i think mccain supposed to win this match sheets icon. Just say that she what she tried. I see this whole mess. Temperature match mickie james by off up live and flow deals by maki gems. I walk that. She's a great okay. So if you if you have mouthful of forecast on ami other blood phone hopefully follow my podcast on spotify. If you're listening to florida on seven some musical then you are and go ahead and broadcast. Okay bye-bye jim the next podcast expose..

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