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You're not on the door and I you know I would just started off with the conversation of you. You know <hes> I hear I came. Talk your mortgage in. I have some people interested in buying your property. It was just kept a very simple and <hes> actually I went out with a couple of the owners that company and they're pretty high energy berry sales guys and that's just not really my thing. I'm I'm Kinda more analytics and get to know the restaurants you learn how to take care of people and you learn how to serve them and so I kinda just remember for the first nine months of Eight. No money couldn't get in the door and then ran away. I talked to my mom is she said what Jimmy just be yourself. Literally I would just go out there and talk to people like instead of going out with admission to go get their house. It was just more than a chat with people and just having a friendly conversation and in and from there you know get in the door and talk about numbers the house what's amazing now. So many people especially I see this with wholesalers a lot people who are jumping on wholesaling or even like flipping their door knocking whatever they think that they gotta be like the person they heard on the podcast or they got. They got to be somebody else because the the guru they look up to or the podcast and they look up to or whatever is a certain way so they think they got to put on this like act like that person but I love that you said that just be yourself like your mom one hundred percent right because people can see through that fake fakeness all day long yes yes if you're having problems talk to your mom. I don't worry about the Garo talk to your mom in yet and is really just when you're out wholesale in. You're talking to people. It's just getting to know on getting another situation in their their. You know what's their need for. Selling in you know sometimes sellers don't know what their actual need is in so a lot of times when I get to a situation it might just be that they have to three kids in house. It's way too small and it's not that Nice in you know I kinda went in with an approach to help them get him it into a better living situation in by doing that at that. Actually I was focused more on their solution rather than buying a house in a net just already bringing me a ton of properties in so I created you know twenty three created this little business for you know I go out. I give in credit repair. I wind up movers. I find new Reynold and what that did is. It just got me a lot of deal flow and then from there you know I started learning how to actually analyze the deals from there. How did you go from helping this company to doing your own for steel yeah? So you know porter working there is they. Would you know basically one out of ten contracts. They would allow us to purchase the property and so it was kind of like an incentive for the employees you know even with my voice today. I have that same as we will. I feel like it employs <unk>. They WANNA buy real estate so they get involved in so you know my goal at twenty three. I've seen all these guys making tons of money. I was like I wanna be that Guy Owen so they gave me an option..

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