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Thousand people missing another paycheck. No phone to their own. It could have on. Our economy. Nobody is going to win out of this on Capitol Hill. I'm Natasha Chen reporting. The president says if no deal is reached by February fifteenth again, he'll either shut down the government again or consider a national emergency declaration. And there are a number of laws as we outlined the other night at least four under which he could declare such an emergency. And the probably the courts would even go along with him in that regard. We'll talk about that in this portion of the program tonight and looking at what the president has as agreed to do it. It certainly would seem first and foremost to be shall we say not terribly Trumpian in its approach the president. Of course, was the first to come forward with suggestions of some kind of a deal that might involve the dreamers the deferred action for childhood arrivals and got exactly no movement from Nazi. Pelosi or Chuck Schumer. And now he has agreed to this in that there will be what the Democrats had demanded and into the shutdown first. And then the discussions which will take place presumably the three week period till February fifteenth will be. Perhaps a prod to both sides to do some movement. Although you you have to wonder the extent to which the Democrats may feel that they can get anything. They want. We'll we'll have to see that remains to be seen. But oh, by the way, you if you're wondering about the state of the union address scheduled the course for next Tuesday night and the logical assumption, of course, would be well, the shutdown is over. So it can go ahead since everybody homeland security secret service capital police everybody had already been planning for next Tuesday night. Well, that's not the way it's going to be. We do not know when the president's state of the union address will be, but we know that it won't be this coming Tuesday night. But at some point, we're not sure if it will be during the three week grace period, or after that the latest state of the union address has ever been given was February twelfth that in the last eighty five years earliest January third. So there's a timeframe when this is traditionally given, but it's not like January twentieth for the presidential inauguration or January third for a new congress. Convenience nothing cast in concrete in the constitution. So the present state of the union address could be anytime it could be in the middle of August Laura's that goes it's only tradition that it'd be at the first of the year or he could send a written message. Although certainly modern presidents in general and this president in particular are not likely to pass up a chance for that particular speech. So my guess would be that you'll probably see the state of the union address with some time in the three week grace period, especially if there seems to be progress from the special committee, which has been appointed by the Senate to begin looking at some kind of compromise deal on security. Now sitting on this particular committee will be Republican senators Richard Shelby of Alabama Shelley Moore Kapito of West Virginia, ROY blunt of Missouri. John Hoven of North Dakota and democratic senators Patrick Leahy of Vermont, dick Durbin of Illinois, Jon tester of Montana. Shelby is the chairman of the Senate appropriations committee. So they are going to be working. And we can only assume that they will be doing so with some degree of urgency. Whether that means this weekend or not that is not at all clear. But certainly I would think first thing Monday morning, they will be working on this and the real question. Now, of course is obviously whether or not the principals in this have really stopped digging in their heels this has never been about Monday money, rather, we've known all along that in the lexicon of federal expenditures five point seven. Billion as the president wants or one point three billion for border security is the Democrats last offered these are tiny amounts. It's not about the money. It's about who is is boss. If in fact, the Schumer's and Pelosi's and trumps of the world have let it be known that they will back away from previous positions that you could probably get some kind of a deal somewhere in the middle of that two or three billion bucks. Probably which would simply be a somewhat smaller down payment of the wall that about the president had originally wanted, and you might see this process move forward in the final analysis. It'll be interesting to see whether or not the Democratic Party complete phobia about the w word a wall is really going to to stay. We've already had of course, even before the shutdown ended the number three House Democrat, James Clyburn of South Carolina. Because there they'd give the president the whole five point. Point seven billion. He wanted for border security, but no wall, no wall. I have suggested it may be my suggestion met tongue-in-cheek should be seriously pursued that we should call it the Fridley fuzzy journey inhibitor, and we should cover it in pink velvet. Whatever it takes to make Democrats happy this phobia over a word has really reduced this to the level of complete. Childish stupidity. In that regard. But whatever whatever it takes for them to decide that. It's okay. If we act you defend our borders, we will see anyway for the moment, the shutdown is over the Trump administration is saying that they will move to get workers their paychecks as soon as possible. However, wanted ministration spokesman has clarified that say that every agency handles the paychecks on their own. So while there will be an effort to pay people quickly. But how fast you get paid? Let's say at the FBI may differ from how fast you get paid at the coast guard may differ from how faster get paid someplace else each agency will handle that. So that's where we stand at the moment. One eight six six five zero JIMBO is our number. And we'd like your thoughts about this. The president is insisting that he did not back down. It was not a concession. It would be easy certainly for the Democrats to crow. They have to an extent crowed a little bit. We've been hearing that from from Chuck Schumer actually more than than anybody else in that regard. But it hasn't been I suppose excessive crowing, so we'll just have to to.

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