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Master kick. He can be your battering ram. He can be your guy, Your Raymond Harris type that gets you 67, you know, yards per carry. He may not break the big one per se, but He is a possession kind of back, and I think, as Ryan Day said this week, there's going to be a place in a time for all three of them and long season. You're going to need them all before. It's all said and done. Well, that answers that question, Because I would have said, you know, do you utilize them? Pretty much equally a lot like you did last last week against Minnesota. So I like that. I like where your head's at with that You can even get some of these guys catch the ball. The backfield. I think William shown he's had some pretty good hands as well. Uh, Steve, we're coming down to it. Kick off, not to, you know, top of the hour. Just a few minutes away. Who you like? And what do you think the score is going to be? Oh, man, I think we're in for a fun game going to be a lot of playmakers on both sides of the ball and Ohio State. Depending you know what happens with banks and brown, you know in the defense Is Oregon going to make some big plays? That's that's kind of the question that's out there. But, you know, I like in this scheme, there was a game a few years back. Ohio State played Miami of Florida in the worst. You and both teams had playmakers and Ohio State's defense was still trying to Took put itself together and the Buckeyes won that game. 36 24 back in 2000 and 10 kind of see the same thing today. I'm I'm going to say, Let's say oh, just not to put it right on the line. I'll call up the same score 36 24 High state. That is Steve Hell Wagon of Buck Nuts, calm and 24 7 sports a good friend of ours, joining Michael Campana earlier this week, a couple of things that they were talking about that We can update you on now because Ohio State on Game Day puts out its player availability list and there was question about seven banks Cam Brown. Those two guys are not on the list, meaning they should be good to go. So seven banks who missed the opener can brown, who is the opener apparently are ready to play in this game. Harry Miller, the offensive lineman, and, uh, all Big 10 center. Well, he was an all big 10 guard but moved to center this year is still out. He is not going to play this game, Which means Luke Whipple er, who did a nice job in the opener. Will be starting at Centre Cavon Thibodeau, who is the star defensive end and many people believe is going to be the number one pick in the NFL draft for the Oregon.

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