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Is going on Michael Michael gene J. since that's sitting in for trading trade schedule they often worry about playing a little book it today no Jason because you're in here I feel the need to explain this again because there's a bit of a struggle with this concert is in a struggle yes if you're gonna read me a question and I can say either or maybe neither or or perhaps both I hate everyone the name of the game is book it I did you would take if you like it if you want to spice it up a little bit shout book at the end line would play the Sounders around around the globe don't you won't we move on got it good Chasen Aaron Rodgers was won't to finish his career with the Packers okay yeah I'm in a bucket but that's you know even even before all of this I think that would have been a smart pocket like quarterbacks at some point decided they're going to keep playing in teams decide they're gonna keep playing somewhere else teams move on before quarterbacks are ready so even before all of this history shows great quarterbacks end up somewhere else all right listen I agree you know you see their time run out they want to play longer than we've seen them play before soul I think just by the nature of where we are now in the NFL I think I'll book this as well yeah I'm a book decides to clean sweep for this one of the ones we have so many examples in history but once you start having a break no one's immune to this lady is alive Philip rivers I mean that's before you can go back to like farm Joe Montana I know these guys like everyone ends up wearing a different uniform because this position specifically can outlive a lot of its production dad Lamar Jackson will rush for over one thousand yards next season ran for twelve hundred last year I know the Vegas sports books has a line at nine hundred ninety nine and a half yards stuff yes a book that is going over a thousand yeah I book it too I mean I don't think we keep asking when it's going to stop and questioning whether or not a sustainable and frankly all he ever does is make us look like idiots so I'm gonna book it and no reason to think he won't so this is interesting I wonder what life because I feel like he was on that sort of trajectory as far as yards per carry in his rookie year right yeah like I'm I I did see what his yards per attempt works as a rookie where he didn't start every game that season the obvious right into that last seven stretch in the playoffs and Ryan Russell hundred and forty seven times this past year respondents seventy six times and that's the thing you know the attempts are going to be there and adds that running group right back room that JK Dobbins in there as well so you know the ground game is still gonna be something that's important even though they try and open it up hello hammer the over I I honestly as long as this bet will shut off should anything happen to the length of the season I'm good just feels like it's free money so going over planned book in here you can play along with his ankle going on Instagram I think Jason state's Jameis Winston will replace drew reason twenty twenty one you can look at all that's that's a good one that is a good one yes I'm going to book it I think he's gonna do is he's going to learn from drew Brees that he's not about coaching it's about watching preseason watch pres he's only gonna get better and better and better tasting those going to continue to sort of be you know a fun piece but James is going to get the opportunity and bam he gives the saints quarterback I'll just quickly answer questions his first year Lamar Jackson averaged four point seven per Kerry last year six point nine run perhaps while and that's that's providing drew Brees actually leaves yes I respect and your job lined up so I just don't see Casey mills starting quarterback of the same judges don't so I'll I'll book this and say yes the interesting part to me is Lewis brought up is how much is the Sean.

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