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Hillsdale college in the hills in dale's of michigan and you know dick you say that it's named after that but you don't generally think of michigan has a very hilly place no that's right you have to kind of go up to north west michigan even the up to find the hills but you're there in lower michigan hillsdale near cold water old stomping grounds for me and my family jones villes that's kind of why i know the terrain hillsdale college but it's it's beautiful isn't it we went through jones fell it is beautiful by the way it was pointing at me like we went there and and you didn't and you would have had to really watch carefully but you're also in popcorn country this is the country's what i think is america's best popcorn producing corn land right there and hillsdale and northern indiana so the popular use good you've come the life on this hillsdale i love hillsdale gray area of corn to love love corn i don't think i've ever seen a bag that said michigan's best popcorn or the best popcorn from michigan or something that we ought to push that a lot of us and then you've got that great college there hillsdale college a one of a kind institution it is truly one of a kind and you'll hear that more from hillsdale college president larry arnn who was not on a path to become a college president but had a number of people who said you really ought to check this out we think this is right up your alley and boy oh boy has it ever been right up his alley and one of his dreams is coming true with a beautiful chapel being built right here on the campus among that that walking tour area that we've gone through the liberty walk in so many other great things that make this so special but of course the instructors and the students make this place extra special they they have come from around the country and around the world attracted to a college that probably would make some students say yeah i wanna go places like that they dress up nicely and they take all these courses and it's not easy to get through and a.

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