Donald Trump, Mohammed, Kim Jong Un discussed on The Rocky Boiman Show


I love this song that sounds good let's get one more can win i think we need one more thanks well you know there's so many things about this song is true today they were back then classic pimp patients as we open up this nightcap for wednesday may ninth twenty eighteen transient in the middle east not like that's a new thing but new tensions arising tonight air raid sirens ringing out in israel iranian rockets raining in from syria into the promised land the iron dome mostly holding up and the saudi arabians saying we will seek nukes if iran does more death to america weren't the iranians still shouting death to america death to israel after president obama signed the first sign this or any nuclear deal launching weapons and saying death to burning american flags bearing the israeli flag what's really changed the only thing that's really changed as american president has the backbone to stand up to a ran my supposition is we've been in a cold war with the iranian revolutionary regime since nineteen seventy nine when they took over our embassy and took american hostages people wanna flash back to the fifties when we socalled quote unquote installed a dictator in iran and i get you can make that argument and people will later on the show i've got daniel mcnabb and mc adams from the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity talking about this is a bad thing thing that president trump has rescinded and it reimposed the sanctions on iran that were in place before president obama unilaterally without a treaty from congress signed this into being with the european powers that be and also gerald celente who's with the trends journal who says this will precipitate a market crash because of oil prices the commodity markets being totally ditched and the like so all kinds of doom and gloom and dire warnings weren't there the same kind of dire warnings when it came to kim jong un and little rocket man and fire and fury and the rhetoric that was passed back and forth between president trump and the korean dictator who's masquerading as mohammed from.

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