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Myself an and hopefully hung a little bit. Yeah it's critical because actually I do a lot of what is called Matrix management which means so you have to manage a lot of people that are not reporting to you so you have to manage by influence and like I said a lot of people are senior to you but you you still need things from them meaning that they need to complete some tasks for your group and you need them to finish it but they don't report to you so it's a little bit tricky because what is your leverage. So so what's your leverage. How do you approach that? I have evolved on this overtime by a lot of times particularly already beginning was a lot of talking with them and convincing them. Why this was important? That's still valuable right but A lot of times we might previous years was escalation. Listen which means that. Okay if you do it I have Lescott it to your manager because I needed that in theory works but it leaves us our taste and It depends also how culturally accepted. Eat is in their division. I was before it was. Actually there were so many escalations that it was not at something completely out of line where I'm at right now. It's definitely something you shouldn't do unless you really really tried to work it out with that person and told them ahead that I will have to escalate this. If it doesn't come through bod what I have found that has been the most successful is that I tried liked to say it ahead of time. meaning that hey we need this information and the is done in two months. Is that doable. And they will most of the time they would say say two months. Yeah sure that's doable. Right if you for something for next week most likely those eight years I mean that would be really tough but yes for something for here in two months and you say okay. Most most of the time you need things from many people and you have to put it together so you do a documenting wish. Everybody Connecticut right and they put their own information there. And you say okay so when it for two months and then I sat up on I tell them we have a meeting with his. VP in a week after that so we are presenting and and that meeting becomes a forcing function because they don't want to look bad in front of the VP. Right and they know schedule already so they will meet that headline and that becomes actually emotionally for me. It becomes a lot better because I don't have to bug people as much and yes if we need to move the meeting getting we do it but for the most part it works. I live at a week so we can massage it and have a pre presentation I but they cannot have the excuse accused of. I didn't have enough time. We set up this meeting two months ago so I wanNA talk a little bit about the the Ova finding your purpose Kosovo. I know you've been at info four thirteen years now. Yes and how many jobs you had with an Intel. A you can count off. You know what it's interesting because my first church job at until it was an facilities manager. Something's the titles. Don't even go with what it is right now. I T's like all all the job. Titles you see are are made up. Yeah and sometimes like the company's job title doesn't match what do so what you put in lengthen. It's totally obscene. You you in the end of the day is like what skills are you using. What does the deliverable look like? That's a great point but in the my first job I basically was managing facilities are in tow and it was probably a job. That was way ahead what I should have been done at the time but I grew into it and then I continue you and we said that we operated into our own little islands and I I feel I was kind of almost like you own part of Your Business. Division division individuals attributable your scope is so big that I mean we were building factories very much and were responsible or I was responsible for saying how big big should some of the facilities fee. I honestly wasn't that Joe for my first seven years now the scope increase but technically the job was the same. The job title was the same but the scope increase and increase and increase and increase to the point that I was like I need to drop. somethings and and didn't get to that point so it was pretty exhausting and high stress. And you don't realize that while you're in there we're talking about the frog earlier. Yeah Yeah. But it's sitting in the boiling pot and they don't realize it if you raise the temperature later by Lehto you don't realize it right so work can be like that and Now that I'm in a different role I was like. Wow that was tense. Right but yet find purposes is a great question because us. I say you can do something. You're good at or something you're made for and to be honest I I'm doing something I'm good at annoy. That's what I'm made for. There are some times where good is good enough right. I mean could I find a better job probably but this as of right now. Oh it's fulfilling some of the things. I'm good at it so for now. It's okay right Bud finding a purpose something that I I don't even know if you ask ask yourself. Honestly what is your purpose. I don't even know if you know I ask myself that. And sometimes say the Noah. My philosophy is more I may not know it but I'll see a recognize. Recognize it when I see it exactly and the and again just the full disclosure. The reason why bring this up is because a recording this at the shop National Convention mentioned in two thousand nineteen and can put us are forever so maybe people in twenty forty realism to this of new pressure. So a young professional approach me Eh. And he asked me you. Are you recording with jury today. Yeah I am. Oh that's awesome. Really look up to him and his you started. I didn't tell Oh. And then he was asking me about like finding your purpose and making sure that you are aligned with Would you WANNA do. I feel the same way like. I don't look at it that way. Look Gab I have a list of skills things that I know. I'm really good at and at least of things that I wanted to learn and things that I need to learn to be better at my job and then some things that I just hate doing and those sorts of things that I tried to delegate yes automate or or what have you but in the end like the way that I found mine. Hi My dream job if you will that I align these opening this job opportunity with my strengths so things like storytelling public. Speaking speaking and I love my job because I get through them every day so to me. Is that my purpose. I don't know but I'm a good at it and I feel really satisfy than growing so I'm going to keep going so I'm going to keep adding value to people that way. So is a different way of looking at it. It's tricky right. I mean it's like the other question is should you. You do stuff if they are not your dream or sure your this wait for the drink to show up and then to stuff is like different people. Think different ways. I think you can not just a a still so you should do something even if it's not what you're one hundred percent schneider as long as you don't hate it right. I have the concept of staying in shape and be within striking distance right so that when the right opportunity comes in you can jump to it versus if you are in your bed. Ah and something comes in. That says okay. It may be too late. You may not have enough time right so you have to stay active enough and that to your point in scales heels in networking and all that that if the right opportunity comes in it doesn't take you too long to jump into it because by the time it takes you too long by the time you're ready they'll paternity may be gone and the other thing that I said it's Sometimes your job may not fulfill all your needs But you can find other ways to do that. For example you are very active in the Latin community right and Italy's not paying you for that. But what you do it on your own and Intel or to position you have right now allows you to do that so within like the whole you probably feel very fulfill I do and and again if a went back the technical route as macgyver Java programmer and I was coding six seven hours a day. I think I would start making even more podcast because that way I would satisfy my social knee. The doctor different people so so there's a balance for sure any my case. I feel that I use some of the skills they have in my hobby and at work and some good at them and I enjoy them. It doesn't feel like work. Sometimes I stay up to a one in the morning on the Sunday goes. Oh guess what. Have a Monday episode to put out on Monday morning. I'm Groggy Bob. Hey Coffee's free at work yeah I'm sure you have learned some skills that you wouldn't have learned at work. Yeah yes while. I'm managing multiple multiple pipelines of content and cold humane people so yeah definitely so and for example that I say like with the employee resource groups writer. I'm active with the into Latin Latina Network and I tell people you know you you can use this as a career growth opportunity to I do things in Ireland that I cannot do it on my job because I have some good people or co workers that I mean we set up division right I can set the strategy. I have a budget. There are are many things that I do not have that level of freedom in me my particular role so you are able to do some things. Imagine like if you are Ah Basketball player and you are in accompany or in a team. They don't want you to shoot three pointers and then you go to your volunteering deem there you can do that. Then that you develop that skill in a way that later on you can go to your real team and say hey I have gotten much better at this. Give me a chance and I believe it has been. I'm very strong and when we sat trying to sell people in joining I as a board member we tried to highlight that this eight. This is not just one of doing. This is growth growth. Fine a position where you want to get better at. Let's say. Communications is a great example. Someone that doesn't have a lot of background. POWERPOINT goal to the communications team and learn about all that and that may become an opportunity later on. So yeah I believe things like this that you're doing right now. Open your level of skills else into areas that you wouldn't be able to do at work. Yeah I agree A thousand percent. You need to have a hobby or volunteering. Whether as your employee resource group you're an affinity grew at any company or unknown for profit by.

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