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Of keough and giovanni of bear some life share stories about their experience and nc four coming to our you then thank you for every ten village for hosting us session really sharing back in hopefully you guys can learn more about their skull and the network cap was proven kind of get started we can start with quantum introduction hey we everyone i'll have eric here in joe twelve companies action that in doing his days he's employee number one act on and then host community similar to ours community and call on deck or by ponders that's one that i went to young man just a great community builder wage people person meet mentor people so yeah turn it over to you eric thank you sheila for your help the organizing this event so much for having us on super inspired zuberbuhler kugler so their community and real recognize real doing something awesome so cool so we're excited to talk a little bit about village the network catalyst program i'll start with a bit of background myself on the firm and we're going to give more of the the pitch so speak in these guys will say more of the real what happens day today just getting is level is quick first background on myself as mentioned entrepreneur and investor help start a few companies as founding team at a company called product time which the discovery platform for startups and it sold to angels which is covered platform or for investors and started this community called on deck which is for people who are looking to start or join their next company and that's in six different cities in the world and during before village i'd angel scout invested in about forty companies and then the rest of my team i came together with ben cazenove who is the chief of staff to reid hoffman and wrote few books the alliance and start review with read also an entrepreneur and investor and then later teamed up with and wayne who was formerly the ceo at check big on that many other operator experiences and then rospa beanie who is a longtime entrepreneur investors well and we decided to start village global which is really trying to think about how the future of venture capital will be driven by networks we tried to build a firm that had network at every level of its dna and sue places wheat we saw to really really innovate were both in our l p base and both on how we make muscles and how we support and a source diligence companies so on the base a lot of venture funds and appeaser of course people invest in venture funds are opie base is zippers time doing the presentation connected capital ob base most venture firms have bigger institutions as lp's whether it's pension funds or hospitals or new big sort of university endowments and it's pretty cool because when they make money they make money for the red cross or they make money for stanford or sort of organizations that that are good to give money to but we thought how can we build an lp base that is will really add value to entrepreneurs and so we spent a long time almost couple years and we tried to and succeeded getting some of the best in the world of some of the based companies who do not just lend their capital and their their brand publicly endorsing the the funding but also their time and so is spend wanted to events year with select entrepreneurs like network leaders and john value our company that's one way.

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