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Because wide receivers combined eleven on eleven drills for ten drops, including three, three by Eric decker, who of course was just signed. Now look, could I. Could I hypothesize that this is Brady's frustration over the fact that they haven't figured out this wide receiving group HOGAN was hurt last year at OMON was hurt last year, and he suspended the first four games. And while gronk is awesome. He's not always healthy and they don't have anybody out wide. You know, no Brandin cooks. He's gone. Philip door set is never been what they thought he would be Cordell Patterson's more return guy or a jet sweep guy. I mean, Danny amendola gone, heck, you look at, you know, you have to wide receivers that they signed in the offseason that are already gone already kind. Could I Partha Cise that it's Tom Brady's frustration over how could I play with incompetent. People. Maybe maybe could I say it's it's training camp frustration too many days of the same guys, too many days in the humidity? Probably. By the way. I like Braxton Berrios. I think he's going to be dynamic third-down weapon. He just seems like that guy who the patriots are gonna find and find a way to use them. And then they have two really good running backs, especially adding Sony Michelle to already having a good pass. Catching threat back there. But I think the big part were missing in all this discussion is nobody used to care. No one used to care about your numbers, what you through on eleven on eleven drills by like Pat Mahomes. What was he threw four picks in in drills going back yesterday with the Kansas City Chiefs. Go back ten years ago. Did anybody track how many interceptions Brett farve had in training camp. Peyton Manning's first training camp as a starter wars second training camp? No, no. We didn't the whole idea of analytics. Okay. Okay. Oh, I be of analytics is tracking everything, but what started as tracking everything in the regular season now tracks everything in practice in the preseason. I remember my first year at at Notre Dame. Play for guy named John MacLeod, longtime, legendary NBA coach coached the Phoenix Suns in the four overtime game against the Boston Celtics, and he used it. He's the track everything. Even to the detriment of how many shots you get up. You could not take a shot in that Jim without somebody stabbing, how many shots and what you, how many you made from what spot. And the idea was a good one because it was, hey, how are you going to know where you shoot the ball best from or if you're improving, if you don't have the stats. The problem with then was if you have one manager, he would have to statue. He couldn't just feed you. He'd be far less productive nowadays. They actually have technology to which you don't have to do anything. They have tracking devices within the arena that track every shot that you take in every Jim that you practicing regardless of there's somebody in there not in there with you. The point is that knowledge. We have information. We have information overload. This is the this is the area in which we live, where we actually know too much the fact that we know that Tom Brady threw a hissy fit and punted the ball into the stands that he had ten drops yesterday three from Eric decker. We never were to heard that ten years ago, but that's because we track everything. Now. You go up to order. At Chipotle, and you know how many calories are in any possible combination, but meal. Heck I remember when I got my first cell phone, two thousand ninety nine two thousand senior year in college. Got my got one of those Nokia jobs, you know, like little hand held, oh key things and I remember it was like, I don't know twenty nine ninety nine for fifty five hundred minutes a month and you're like five hundred minutes. No problem on never go over five hundred bits. Then you hit your first Bill and you had like fifteen hundred minutes because you had no real concept of well, one second becomes a minute and it right. And how many times you actually use the phone. You just didn't like I thought this is really cool. I'll never use it. I'll accept incoming calls and I'll play that snake game on. Remember the snake game. Turns out you start tracking your cell phone calls and you can't believe how many calls you make this is before you even texted..

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