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There are a lot of gamewinning dunk gas mata gamewinning alleyoop said this movie yes but during this i noticed a familiar face or what i think is a familiar face except there is no evidence of this or mentioned it anywhere online like not on a reddit thread that i could find not on iin db not wikipedia i think kendall gill former former nba player kendall gill is in this movie as a stunt double for cady hardest i say evidence is very strong it's very strong i person on resemblance i rewound this a bunch of times but there's no mention of it anywhere in he has i am deepy each like he's been in things before i'd text the picture to kevin pelt him and here's what i love about kevin felt compelled liz with you want as he's all about this movie because he loves university washed s yes tech's of i said is kitzbuehl double in man his response my first thought of like oh this is probably film somewhere in the northwest he was a sonic at one point oh it would have made sense that these timelines macha sure kevin immediately text back with informant at saint who i guess he could have done it since the hornets missed the playoffs that you're in it filmed in may i didn't even register to me that this would have been who had used on the hornets like kevin just you had the he has that knowledge which i appreciate that but somewhat some people have tweeted that kendall gill asking if he was in this movie based on my tweet i'm hoping to get an answer from that we have to know now so it it should be added kindle good looks absolutely nothing like cady martyrs nothing i dare not at the scene hand the hardest the left the chemicals that right.

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