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Somma Kiss I think is actually what is called old because it's like ears and they're like all sexy demon Maroney kitchen that guy yeah I guess from Cowboy bebop again that was like that's like way back for me. Oh I'm trying to think more and more oh my Gosh Tuxedo mask creepy now let him looking back at it because he's an adult and she is like twelve but at the time I had feelings I think that's what they're pushing. Encourage each. That's yeah ooh Geen from from bleach. He's Hot Tayo with his weird snake face. Do you WANNA do girls. We we do girls to top Annemie hot girl list. Are there any that come to mind like immediately. SUNADA comes to mind immediately for me. This is going to be bad. Good endless list good yeah. Some of these people don't know on this a lot of my now like a lot of my do recognize the enemies and stuff but like you know and I recognize like e Gross Nami Army for sure or a human I was all or he may over <hes> Rukia I'm going to I was totally. I'm on that side lease people you can come at me by I sure Oh yeah sabre yeah. WHO's like King Arthur basically the fates day and now from from bleach to now is hot yeah when she when she isn't a little girl yes yes very good very good? I think that we also they're like I feel like it's really really easy to come up with anime. There there is the list is endless for your hot boys in your hot girls because they're all drawn that way as I'm just GonNa like all of them and it's like they listening basically every female character. I know that was why was like I'm having a tough time because this is like every character so yeah. Do you WANNA move onto the next okay matthew man offer instagram also on the co-op couch podcasts which you can find on podcasts ever. He asked this forbidden question. which pokemon would you eat well? Let's do like original hundred fifty one. Yeah I mean that doesn't make it easier. Bill like okay so like I mean realistically Toros would be like Oh yeah yeah yeah. We just like eating regular cow yeah for sure so madge Carp Sushi. I don't think match carp is in like lakes rivers and suffer in the ocean wind-driven stuff. You don't WanNa eat it. Yea then maybe just fish serve it out. If I have to be honest I think slow poke probably has a good amount of fat content to his me so I bet it would like marvel is really well and cook very well think and also I mean in the same kind of like realms. That's nor lacks sure yeah actually probably eat wall. Yeah I think would taste better than the rest. I like Taurus would probably tastes just like stay. Canopy probably gonNA taste like egg. Maybe Yeah Yeah Yeah you know basically you could you could cook any anything on the world. Today you can cook any Pokemon so I don't think you have a problem. Some might taste weird like if you've ever eaten like snake you know could eat gio. Did you think you don't think they have some meat underneath brain. It's like a clam kind of situation. We have like shellfish like pokemon by maybe Gio Jio dude in that sense. Maybe crap open. You take all the rock off and there's like a juicy little. It's just the brain right right but you cook it right in the tastes real good days real good but yeah I'm thinking like you know if you think any like Lizard Type esque POK mon tastes a little bit like Lizard and snake tastes now any fish type like other grabs like you cool with eaten at nine tales yes. I'm saying it's like if I guy breath yeah I would eat cat or dog. I wouldn't eat our cat or dog. That's wondering if somebody presented this means that hey it's dog that wouldn't say like okay. I'M NOT GONNA try skin. You'll yet obviously I'm not gonna eat it from Mike some random who doesn't like they know how to cook but if I go to a restaurant I say Asia and they're like hey you ought to order the dog yeah sure now I'm not GonNa lie new to looks really delicious very thick thighs this. I think that they can be really meaty for sure yeah. No I think they'd all taste good so and even like we expanded out past one fifty. I think there are some though that are like bet like there's like sheep ones and more cowans and stuff. I think those are going to be the ones where we would probably just farm them for me. I don't think data would taste good yeah yeah. Even if a transfer Ditto is a failed clone of you. Is that what they attempted to clone the meal they created Ditto because they fucked up within. They were able to create mute. You Eventually Nice also Magda my megatonne not good those would not taste good. We'll give you gotta have something in there like a brain. I don't know I mean that looks like a lot of metal. I just doesn't look good to me and I obviously I wouldn't eat any of the eady's absolutely not or like the grasp acumen. I guess maybe they would taste like you just like maybe trim them like herbs. Well yeah season with a bell sprout and stuff. Probably you know that was my thought as I was like at a bell sprout and then an audit rush to buy I bet you can eat like a full Amish Sam okay well. That was really uncomfortable and I didn't like talking about that. Yeah it's not bad gotta eat them all out just essay and how many pokemon he'll eat and it's all of them. He'll literally any of them number off the tape race so all right do only this last one or two Rava yeah last question how did did you to meet and this is from grace at Hilda Gar Towel Jim. I think that's how you say yet by Tall Jim tall desk by said tell. Jim told Jim Tall Jim. We I think you you put separation between this. I mean there are no 'cause hildegard and then Tall Jim. They're capitalized so those are obviously to separate words Gotcha. Yeah I feel like gem would have a capital G. but you find her on twitter. She's amazing. Her husband are so supportive of ice and we absolutely love them. I love interacting with them on <hes> on twitter and they're one of the people that when I came back to Twitter Day befriended handed me without even thinking I mean in what were they thinking south who knows who knows but yes the question. How did you to meet slash become a couple in a bar? We yet technically so <hes> I I went to the University of Georgia and I was at my senior year. An Jesse had already graduated and his brother twin brother Joss was still in the area living as Townie yes and he's a twin win and they were there on their birthday and my best friend was dating Jesse's best friend at the time time not even more and so they A._M.. Came to stay with me though in in Athens and to go to their birthday party to Jesse and Joshua's birthday party and they eventually asked me to come onto and I met just downtown at a bar yeah and and that's pretty much it and then yeah we stayed in touch and we dated long distance for a little bit eventually raven moved out to Seattle Ball's rolling so those are all real real fast here. We got engaged in married really quickly yeah very quickly but hey we've been married for five years now. So yeah yeah yeah we got probably engaged in a lot of people think that this is like. I don't think people think this is weird but people are like really really like surprise me. Tell them but yeah they're married and we were engaged married within six months meeting each other yep yeah yeah ish maybe a little bit more yeah. I think maybe like seven or eight months but like not a whole. All the time is eight months. WHO's eight months October October? Oh we are engaged in a warrior. I'm saying married though you gay dating March though so yeah lakes governments amount and yeah it was really quick but yeah we've been together for five years. No no you know Yep yeah. There are no records Kurtz Yeah Yeah Pretty interesting pressing story. I guess I mean it's interesting. Not It is when like I mean we're not gonNA write a movie abetting those people. It'd be okay but yeah we we'd have to spice it up slightly more in the whole well like my best friend was dating your best friend and they came to stay with me and then we all like they were about to not even invite me to go out that night even because you had some friends and one of them the you you guys were considering being not going out and so if plus you have other stuff to do to write a gun out with your friends right like bill you chose to go with Courtney and my best friend so yeah. I think that that that made all the difference. I was like that one decision to go downtown everything since then courtney has also married dude named Jesse. It's true true. What a fucking copycat right now we love them a- and Nick has moved on as well is dating a new girl that he really likes yes? Yes yes yes so there we go now. Everybody's cut out to all kind of into what has been happy unlike other married somebody movies where they have like little thing. I'm like still and so went on to cure cancer exactly what happened. That's a little N. credit little. Where are they now like? You know everybody's he's happy. It's key hopefully not with those people specifically but there are other people at the party. I don't even remember who was there. I don't really either but I know that there were other people really drunk tail. Yeah I mean I remember seeing some people that I hadn't seen a long time like Bradford yeah on their. WHO's one of my good friends from elementary school school stuff like that? We were tight. He went to you as well. We went to law school so he was still. They're doing law school. Since then. He's graduated and I think lives in Atlanta practicing law yeah exactly yeah I remember <hes> wanting to get waffle house and then having to get pizza <hes> so that was pretty annoying. Bed Pretty got waffle house in the next thing you get the next day. I got pulled pork. Though it was good like wasn't name Pizza Pizza place is like really good. Oh Yeah it's really good right in length downtown Athens. I can't even remember what it's called but they have like pizzas by the slice super good <hes> and then like waffle house off houses for the next day is good..

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