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Woman. Good on you Irish. He probably deserved it. Yeah. I mean, you know, I a lot of problems with the IRA, but in in nineteen thirty's not the guys on the wrong side of the conflict. Different story later on another behind the baskets, another buying the bastards. Yeah. Joyce would later gain prominence in life as Lord Hawke casting pro Nazi propaganda from Germany into England during the course of the war. He was executed in nineteen forty six for these crimes. But during the nineteen thirties he was a member of the UF and its first prominent anti Semite, according to the death of British fascism, quote, BUF policy initially forced Joyce to temper his violently anti semitic views Moseley's position on anti semitism. Was clear it was a relevant to fascism, despite this handicap to Joyce's ideology, his talent for incisive rhetoric soon made him the most renowned speaker in the UF after Moseley himself. So Joyce was made the BUF's propaganda director in nineteen thirty four. He gradually started to pepper in more and more antisemitism with his pro fascist rants. He repeatedly stated that the core of all Britain's problems was Jewish people. He ranted about quote, a two pronged Jewish advance by means of capitalism and communism towards world domination. Yeah. Here we go you'll eat one prong. Well, and you know capitalism and communism are clearly two prongs of the same. Prong of which is bitcoin. They didn't have a term for it. Then he didn't have it. They hadn't figured it out. It was still waiting to get mind at a numbers. Yeah. You discovered bitcoin number earth, the third prong. Feel like we figured that out. Now Joyce was far from the only inveterate racist in the British union. Fascists many of Moseley earliest followers. We're sues super anti-jewish. I spelled it that way. Emphasize that you do pump is one cream now when he was questioned about this mostly would claim that these men were allowed in the US because he knew that in spite of their bigotry they wanted to move past that into a bigger and better fight. How do you reason with that nonsense nonsense? I mean reasoning might be a strong. Bigotry leads to the bitter things. I guess that's how you reason it nonsense. Yeah. You might reason it with like, I mean these phone I wanna talk. On to it. But yeah, where's your justification? Right. Like, it's just nonsense. And I wanna have I think they need to talking to your you're gonna give talking to antisemitism. I think I would like to talk to anti semitism real on the horn. Let's see what we can get. Hello concept of antisemitism. Cody, Cody would like to talk to you. He's on speaker. What? Come on. What are you doing? Giveaway to be the voice of anti semitism without just like saying anti semitic profit. Right. Yeah. Problematic. Just move on this bit. Sure my point being. That's nonsense. Taken. Well, mostly continued to assert that anti semitism had no place in his party. The realities in the street were quite different British Jews and fascist activists clash constantly in the back alleys and byways of London in April nineteen thirty three London. Police arrested seven BUF UF members six Jewish people for disturbing the peace the fascist been outselling copies of black shirt. In a nude in a Jewish neighborhood. They'd been attacked by a group of local Jews who knew damn, well, what was going on in Germany and didn't believe a word of Moseley's. We're non fascists line. Everyone involved was arrested, but nobody was charged. This sparked another streetfight the week later when twelve members of the BUF return to the same street corner to hawk their racist. Wears three of the fascist were injured and one was hospitalized. Eight Jews were arrested. The officer who booked them noted that the fascist had been extremely provocative prior to the fight incidents like this and even bloodier than this grew more common view of expanded and slid further towards outright racism, although fence to me like the anti-fascists here. The violent ones. It sounds like these guys were just handing out some anti-jewish propaganda in Jewish neighborhood of an ideology that was leading to Jewish people being put in camps in another country, not very far away. And then these violent people decided to tack them it. Yeah. The first part of what you said. I mean, you use too many words to describe your free speech, free speech. They were doing we're doing a Free State. We're doing free speech, and these these monsters showed up like an hated their free speech for no reason. Yeah, they did the hate speech. They did they hate speech against their free speech. Just because they hated what they were saying I never thought I'd I'd be supportive of fascism here. We are. It's just, you know, free speech. We don't need to analyze the question of free speech any more than that. No. And there's no way in which advocating for an ideology that led to six million people being burnt alive in in ovens and gas to death, and such there's no there's no way in which that is advocating for that speech is comparable to yelling fire. Crowded theatre. No, no, no way, shape or form. I couldn't I couldn't even like describe it in a way that that could be argued. Yeah. Let's read the next. The Jewish community. England was divided as to how to respond to the BUF. Some people obviously, preferred punching fascists to dialogue. The mini felt like the violence was counterproductive on August. Fourth nineteen thirty-three the Jewish chronicle Jewish attacks on BUF activists wicked and stupid. This kind of nation was not enough to change most people's beliefs that fascism had to be confronted violently in the streets. Rather than debate the US official turning point towards open proud antisemitism was the Olympia rally, which is the rally we talked about in the last episode disruptors Moseley gave his first anti-jewish address on Tober twenty eighth nineteen thirty four this marked the very first time. He referenced the Jews in a speech saying, quote, the Jews more than any other single force in this country are carrying on a violent propaganda against us Oswald. Moseley then stated with zero evidence that thirty two of the thirty four people convicted for violent attacks on fascists had been Jewish Moseley claim that in total Jewish people responsible for fifty percent of all attacks on his men. Now, it's. To say how much of this was ideological based on deeply felt beliefs in how much of it was just due to Seoul. This politicking the death of British fascism notes. Much of the shift in ideology can be attributed to an effort to win over the urban working class mostly hoped to fill a niche in anti immigrant propaganda present in Britain for decades organizations such as the British brothers league had gained significant following an urban areas in previous years, four hundred nineteen o to the league, spouse and anti semitic platform seeking to limit Jewish immigration from eastern Europe. It's limited success can be attributed to the traditional friction of the working class with large immigrant populations during times of scarcity perceived competition over jobs customers and culture led to reactions from native Britons conditions in nineteen thirty four were ripe for this kind of clash and Moseley hope to capitalize with a New Britain for the British policy. Thereby further marginalizing British Jewish immigrants. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. A lot about me. But nothing like anything that ever happened afterwards written for Britain for British people. Did you know that like Jewishness and immigrants and Marxism are all the same thing. We'll of course, Cody because of the of the famous Jew Karl Marx. Yes. As yet. The creator highly mayo man as as the off described German Jew car. Car as described by the creative the Daily Mail, the largest English language newspaper world. Yeah. I I've I feel confident where how? Trading is how the left owns the media. I've I've I've noticed that to notice. At the same. As those three things that I mentioned at the same of those three things you mentioned those things why don't people realize this. I should there's like more media like public figures would say the truth about how those four things are the same. Cody. I have some great news about a fellow named Dr Jordan Peterson. You're gonna love this guy right books as you have good. Name and pajamas with lobsters on them for some reason. I buy them. Absolutely. Okay. But what if I want those lobsters on like an iphone case, you'll get that along with your Cup of leftist tears. I love society six patients.

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