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Put on a little parliamentary show force today then then reporters tried to force the MVP leader to show how much power his party. Actually has. Mr Singh walked up to the MIC. After a morning meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau they talked about how the Liberals are going to make a minority government work. Mr Trudeau is going to need the support of MP's from the other parties to pass legislation depending on the issue that it could be the Conservatives the block the Greens or the MVP. But the way Jagmeet Singh sees it Justin Trudeau only has one good choice if a Liberal government wants to move forward. They need to work with someone. It's going to be us if it's a progressive thing that's national that's GonNa Benefit all Canadians. You've heard this. The Times is not against things that benefit the rest of Canada. If it benefits Quebec they medically. That's not their priority though. It's my part my priorities priorities do things that benefit all Canadians. It's not the block spurred. They're not a national. They're not a national party. They're not a national party if they want to do something that's national you know if they want to develop something that's GonNa benefit all Canadians. It's US wait. You don't have to accept the reality but that's what it is actually. It's not. They have support from thirty thirty or so and peace from the block. They can go ahead with whatever they want. And no one says at the block would oppose any of your priorities. So I understand in your pitches that you're the only national progressive party but in reality defacto right. Yeah but in reality. They don't need you. You seem to not want to recognize that. Will they can do whatever they want. What I'm saying if they wanted to if they want to deliver something that's national and progressive the Conservatives are not going to be the option if they want to? That's going to help Canadians out across this country and and it talks about universal farmer care national dental care. What are the only party that there are talking about? The only people that are put forward that as a priority so if the liberals want to do that obviously they're are gonNA have to make a choice. I'm hoping that they're prepared to work with us. If it does come down to your party. Are you realistically in any position to trigger an election right now for me. I mean we know that the government's GonNa need our support at some level if they wanna pass bills that are going to need our support and I wanna make it clear that they can't expect expect us to support unless it do things that show a commitment to deliver for Canadian so I know that in this parliament. They're going to need to work with us. I know that they're going to have opportunities that they're going to need you. Democrats vote for a bill. I WanNa make it clear that that's not gonNA come for free that's GonNa come with clear commitments to doing something that's GonNa Benefit. Canadians lives in any shape to go back onto the indoor campaign right. Now I'm ready. I'm ready anytime. Vote against the throne speech. Yes that was. MVP leader Jagmeet. Singh speaking to reporters this morning in Ottawa.

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