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Everybody welcome back to casual swing still making valerie. We've got one extra person. Here in the beautiful casual studios in sunny orlando florida for once. This fucking month. Dr phillips how you doing today doing terrific enjoying every day that goes by and just happy that eight millimeter kitties don fast last week because Now back in the game hundred percent. Well wait a minute. Doctors don't get sick like that. That's bullshit so what happens if they do. Maybe some tend to ignore it more than others. But you know thumb to take care of these things when they are is okay so. I'm glad i'm glad you survived. That's that's pretty impressive. Eight millimeters who. That is no joke. You're actually in studio which is really appreciate you coming out to what people call the casual swinger compound but we happen to know is small. Hovel that you know. Just just big enough for me. Mallory and a couple of dogs. There are some pretty big scary dogs on. I won't even come into your house until you come to the door. There's just do not enter. And i don't care if they know me smell me. Whatever but i. I'm i'm i'm afraid of your of your three of them and they're all scary. They're just big. Babies basically cerberus with three astle. But i tell you what. I never feel unsafe. When i'm home alone ever. I don't blame you. Just everybody walk through the door. Does we do have three rottweilers. The casual dog is actually three dogs. Not those little tiny rottweilers by the way they're like the big head big body ones that yeah look at it and you don't really think about heading them and reaching your hand they look. All three of them. Looked like they need saddles. This is this is true. They're nice otherwise. But i just make sure mickey standing next to me when i pet the dog there you go well. Let's get started so first of all. This isn't the first time you've Been on our show. We actually had you join us with dr. Nicole is and brown For the episode called the sick dick docs and that's where we kind of like tease that we do this episode. So since we've talked to you how things bitten. Everything's been great nive doing a lot of consoles lately. I enjoy very much. What i'm doing. I see that this changes a lot of people's lives. And i want to make promises for everybody but we'll get to that later and Really excited to hear the stories from the patients like nikki. Who had a few experience from it because there is things that your body needs in. We don't have them. We do after he said. Yeah that's a fact..

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