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In Colerain township over the weekend when a car crashed into a pole on Compton the passenger of that vehicle actually was trapped by the heavy damage was rescued though rather quickly about the Colerain township fire department and taken to UC Medical Center the conditions of both the driver and passenger remained on now let's head to the northern portion of the tri state into the Miami valley where many are still grieving after last week's mass shooting this is when the saddest thing I've ever had to go through Dayton police chief Rick Beale now one week removed from the massacre in the Oregon district he sat on the Mike Allen show on seven hundred WLW Saturday everyone is suffering from the cops responded to the firefighters to our elected officials a to our community is not going to get over this I think there's no getting over sure there is finding a way to to integrated enough to be able to move on with something called norm the chief says the praise and support that they've received gives them strength I'm Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred W. of the hall yeah well parents trying to limit their kids to cell phone even computer time in the summer months Genevieve short brown is the author of the parenting guide the happiest money you know she says the best way to cut down on screen time when your kids are on summer vacation is to plan activities early in the day for me the escapes the playground at seven am with my kids for somebody else that might look a little bit different but just having that one plan cuts back on at least a couple hours the kids might have been on their devices she says that parents should monitor their own habits to kids do what you do not necessarily what you say and that could mean setting limits on your personal smartphone or tablet take a look in the settings of your device and see how much screen time you're actually using on a weekly basis and decide how much you want to cut back set limits on the apps that you're using most you can even go as far as to set a password your kids devices so they can't access it once the limit has been reached I'm on a roll their eyes ABC news radio.

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