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Hey everybody and welcome to the billboard dot com pop shop of podcast my name is kickoff field in i am the codirector of charts at billboard end joining me is billboards editorial director jason lips shots shotshy shots hi jason with that man or a good amend amend la you're in la i was with you in new york last week and now you are here with me and we really early jetsetting i like it we are soon where will we be next week uh where would you like to be there is no new movie use miami new tune in next week defy that knee australia have you not um well as always the bill were pops up podcast is your one stop shop rawlings pop on billboards weekly charts and you can always count on a lively discussion about the latest pop news fund charts statin stories new music and guest interviews with music stars and folks from the world of pa up today keith on the show we will talk about a little album called reputation may have heard of it from the artist known as taylor swift ty you ready for it finally out plus the return of eminem and his new beyond say assisted single and what big albums are left to come out this year will talk about some of the big ones were especially looking forward to and in charts news we've got more taylor swift new lord taylor swift hey can never have enough um it will be talking about how how well reputation of selling a hint incredibly well and will discuss sam.

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