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You hit the nail on the head upset. It was me that pushed myself, but I knew you know something, I love the Lord of family. I love that brand. John Mullane. I'm not part of it and I relate to it creatively anymore. But it is not to say that this was never about homing, oh, being going into competition, see icon. I can't see that brand is my competition because it's part of me, but it was. I didn't need to move on and I didn't want to repeat life. I didn't want to go back. I I don't want to go back. I wanted to move forward and Joe loves the minute. Michael, that packaging writes something happened to me. I started to become find this brave girl that maybe has been inside me. We'll along. I don't know this brave girl that was just like just tight risks. Debbie, both at with it. Everybody agrees with you or likes it, it, it doesn't matter be true to who you are and that that I think when people are building brands and especially when they've got the name attached to it, he it's Paul. Fault of your soul. I remember many is many years ago. One of the best pieces of advice I got was from Winfrey. I went on her show. I was the only Brit there and it was about million dollar businesses. And I remember saying to if you could give me one piece of advice in life, what would it be? And she said, own everything you do stump your identity on everything you do, and that has stayed with me. That was that's probably one of the best pieces of ice business advice I've ever had. And I've tried to stay in a minute. I've air off of that. That's what I make mistakes, say, true to who you are. Allow your soul, you'll personality to come through in your business. That is such a great lesson. I'm so thankful you shared that with us and from Oprah, she I did a show it transform my business, but that what does that do for your business? Like when you go on Oprah? What? What? What changes in the business? Is it an overnight thing? It wasn't quite overnight, but it was a change is we would have coach lights of people during up. The the, you know what? I love about that that that woman though is she's never forgotten. Her roots. She's in have a new, she really is. And she shares that that wonderful commitment to the next generation and that one piece of advice really did did stay with me and it did transform business without an. I think all of the other businesses. I remember the show that we were on there was Jumba juice myself. There was a young girl that created this bike and rack that went into the microwave that might crispy bacon, just thirteen years old. So you know what, what we have to remember is entre preneurs found doesn't of people who come and crack things is the baton of the next successful generation is our responsibilities to hand over an open the doors. It is a responsibility to the next generation. As I, we believe in you just to someone believed in us and it's it's important responsibility to take hold of. Your new fragrance. Joe by Joe loves just came out. This is the first one you've ever named after yourself will you can only do it once? What was what? What led to you naming it after yourself? Because all of your other fragrances over the years. You typically name them after what they're made of. An old probably go back to that. So it was a moment in your life where you this fragrance is about my poss- my presently feature, and I didn't know whether you felt it in your life where they will become one moment. Everything you've learnt, everything.

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