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Dan So it's how do we value. How do we put value on our time? It's very interesting conversation goes down to are you do like Justin. Timberlake in your value is time time that's true. Don't Dong Dong that movie good I. I can't decide whether or not I liked that movie. I think it would have been great if Justin Timberlake wasn't in it no the thing of amazing movie if he wasn't in it in maybe walking Phoenix was and that other girl wasn't in it and maybe <hes> other rented shake with big is was justin. Does us no wrong. That's unfair. You can't be like a lot better if you took out peewee Herman and added Daniel day-lewis you with every movie entering podcast break. They see holy these guys they have this big point. Maybe hey everybody welcome to the Bitcoin podcast episode number two sixty seven and I haven't I sussman cello that is not this Chinchilla Aka a captive backslap. That's the first does is all right the black slap backslap backslap because he said Black Slap You Watch that she take Aka Captain Backslap is his name on slack and he keeps changing it too ridiculous shit like this. I am host number three core petty. What's up I didn't even I have to say I'm host number two? They'll jump Hook Tuck yourself all right. I'm host number two Dmitri <unk> Aka black sauce now now we go to you core Dr <unk>. I one longest. I introduction ever seve Chinchilla. Weren't you come up with that. Why why did you shoes that or do you come up with these names? I don't know there's not much thought slides like like it when new New People coming into the slack and they don't know that I'm host number one so they have to figure it out so the only way that you can piece together that we're the three houses is actually spent time in the slack and engage with us no more this joining saying hi and then leave no more of this joining saying you're a big fan of the show and then leaving. Maybe I don't know slacks a little little hard on people. It's heavy at times you come in at the wrong time. You're coming into a hot extra weird conversation a some some weird stuff that eight crypto or like super technical stuff like a defenseman yeah it you coming in hot especially on the random general. I think I changed. The topic topic to this is the place where taboo does not exist shelf your scruples <unk> group. That's what I change the top your scruples popular channel. I think it's the most popular Channel People People WanNA act a fool on the Internet I it's been status because status is like a a broadcast system so public channels is anyone could subscribe to any public channel and say whatever they want and and the default public channel is just Hashtag status people like I'd say three to four times a day. That channel just gets a high high Jimmy H._i.. Someone someone of the Channel Says Hi and then they never oversight other word again high or strange people are human behavior man this is we ran. This is <hes> I mean I feel like random is composed of everyone who was a chat room hero in the late nineties or the early in the mid nineties. I mean there's people leave comments on porn videos which I'll never understand but era out of there in my life dude. It makes you feel so uncomfortable. Here's here's a here's a question. This actually Kinda brings us into the CRYPTO is <hes> so the Internet allowed for people to leave comments on you porn videos right. That's that's weird. It's real weird thing to do. Very people breathe. Oh stable like there's conversations that happened in the shelves up thumbs down the comment right curate and what happens when you introduce money they're like what's the weird stuff that because I thought that was like the freedom of information for you could people can put what they won on the Internet and anyone could see it in comment on it and like that social movement the web two point..

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