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A fool they don't know about truckee i so we'll just call on saint what's on your mind and you know keep it reasonable and stuff and i'll give you a chance to say stuff in uh you know a lot of times truckers can learn a lot from the regular averaged joe's and and vice averse and stuff so i think he can be a winwin situation you know i i wish i was in cincinnati because you're having your october fest out i i think if i correct i think cincinnati at the largest yes suck tober fest outside of munich germany in the world l a and you're exactly right i got the story down there i hadn't really read about it and stuff but it was going on this week in and i think it it is rated number one another's lotta cities a do have a october fast differed times of the year nearby says will why they have it in september said vault tober i think with the good weather we've had a pipe pretty small cadet added this weekend because the the weather's been absolutely gorgeous you know whether it was at the bengal split ballgame the other night or last night tonight has been doug great weather and i think they've been having a great turn and stuff the nuts that's a tremendous loot cincinnati dry state area i wish whoever i if you're if you're in the area uh i i i wrote a little lift here i wish he would try to you i know you love october fess i'd love to tip i was wrong not to try the venuste that so the knock worth off reduced i hope i'm getting everyone hungry sour broughton sauerkraut pick knuckle don't be turned off by the pick knuckle got some sort of a ah uh when i was in germany a ricedish dumplings black farmers cake and of course don't pick up to be a yeah well i mean.

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