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Today's episode continues explorations of meaning and value of physical education in young people's lives that were initiated in a previous episode on meaningful Physical Education Project launched by dea training crowning in Fletcher. Today our discussion shaped by critical perspective, and there will be some critical discussions on some of the well established ideas such as fun as an essential element of P. And whether and how sports support positive youth develop our guest is the founder and director of the center. For Physical Education, sport, and activity that sits in the school of Education at Kingston University. The center's mission is to make Physical Education Sport and physical activity meaningful relevant and wonderful for all young people by aligning excellent teaching research and practice. In addition to his university work, our guest also launched the my move up in twenty nineteen, which will be the topic of the second part of this episode later on. My move eastern APP. That allows practitioners support young people in developing a physical activity habit and provides the data for schools to monitor impact review and celebrate their work in P., e. and spot. For more information, please listen to the second part of the episode later on, and you can also access the website my move up dot com. Thank you so much for joining me today and welcome to the podcast. Correct Trier. As opposed to thank you for having me. You've done so much different work in physical education for a very long time from from doing the actual teaching yourself to than Educating Physical Education Teachers. So it would be really nice to have us start for our discussion just some reflections on your journey in in physical education, how your thoughts and your philosophy around that has developed over the years. Will you have a question and I? Certainly in the UK, we will not the best reflected well a token about out journeys. And it's difficult to stop because I. think it's always evolving. And I think the first thing that comes to mind is that mob looking locks has been very privileged in anybody's might not working. Life has been very privileged to. Was Really lucky to to have a good university. Coast, not because it was a particularly universe to take over I think it would probably claim to be saved but it was because. I had already you have in four years to learn about his education, which is a pathway, which is not too many people in the UK anymore Miami because it's expensive to run. So during that time, I think that really light the foundation for future. What can I knew that I wanted to work in London was originally from London and I went to university out of London wanted to return specifically work in London Mitch. Looking back I get now. Of Traditions I, was following and critique some of these traditions around. I think this boon partly out of philanthropy I guess if money's looking back in some of that said it will be. Paternity sticking potentially patronize now. With the way, the May now would have made the same decisions for the same reasons is may twenty something? So I've been went to work in in in London and that really shite my thinking aloud very very quickly. I always maintain I probably learn far more from the..

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