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River at Snohomish right now cresting five feet above flood stage also some flooding happening insulting along the Stillaguamish river some roads have been closed Ben Howard road was also close yesterday a lot of people cut off in that area from sultan and Monroe people long the toll river also getting hit by the flood king county officials say this is the fourth reported flooding in that area over the last five weeks falsity incarnation seeing the worst of it with water covering roadways yes No quality drivers need to heed warnings and stay out of flood water if rose clothes do not drive around that barricade you will pay a four hundred dollar ticket meanwhile the red cross is open the flood evacuation shelters it's gadget county it's it Lyman elementary school were told for anybody needing shelter until that flood waters recede it is now seven thirty four will check of the forecast is on a moment right now local traffic every ten minutes on the force let's check in with you on hold well there's a crash on I. five north bound at state route five twenty eight that's blocking the two left lanes crews are on site there to try to get things resolved I would suggest avoiding it today and there's also a crash on I. five south bound as out of place that's blocking the HOV lane Chris are also they're trying to get things resolved both of those you're either going to want to avoid or just act time here give me for going to be in those areas state route five or nine year Milwaukee way to come is currently dealing with water over the roadway affecting both directions so use caution if you're going to be in that area chains are currently required for all vehicles heading over Snoqualmie pass if you don't have all wheel drive traction tires are currently advised heading over Stevens pass our next more traffic at seven forty four it is groundhog day no shuttle seen groundhog say spring arrives six weeks early but looks good difference on social forecast.

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