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So now now that now that ashley tells thomas this he just he turns that real evil tom that we haven't seen a little bit but like at that evil where he sneers and he gets like when he turns evil it is scary because those curls upper lip it is a full on sneering his awesome scary awesome reserve i reserve the possum look for tamra barney from real housewives of orange county and thomas even top's possible i mean i think it's like a hyena i think it's beyond possum at this point this is a man who's his eyebrows go up his nose flares his lip curls teeth it is like nasty and he he springs up hair gets all of a sudden like immediately disheveled he springs up and gets right into into chelsea's face and he's like did you just say it's up to catherine if she can say in a house tonight and even chelsea's she was like whoa whoa whoa i mean it was like it was intense and it's scary and it makes you wonder what really happens behind closed doors you know yeah and it's like it's like if you saw walter matthau become possessed by satan and satan was a possum you know it's like a why is that guy from grumpy old men turning like this like he's so he winded this happen and you don't have the book and decision you don't have no sane don't act lackey spindle spindle spindle spindle tiny pooping my pants like okay and shut the fuck up it is so it is so nasty you wanna talk about toxic masculinity i mean poster boy right here it is it is actually like vile behavior vile violent aggressive behavior that is scary and it's and it's like it's not right at all and it's like oh and now is the time when you decide to take a stand you have the two women in your life are going at it and you just sit back and now.

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