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Or with number five left at power forward on Milson number 44 was gonna take and Dad center cooler, hawkish number 15 position. Whatever you want me to do school. Harward way to Denver Nuggets Shake down here is the starting five for the Mavs. Like Dorian Finney Smith, along with Maxie Cleaver is the forwards Willie Cauley Stein in the middle of Josh Richardson and look a don church in the backcourt nuggets here in the all Blues tonight. Trimmed in white and yellow and the Dallas Mavericks and the all whites term that maybe Blue and Scott Hastings with the United Scotty weather, not just gotta do here tonight in order Get away well with Cleveland, Mexico. It's time you two bigs inside. I think you gotta go early early early inside the Joker and try to get one of hope I'm in trouble. So it'll be Nicole Yokich against Willie Cauley Stein in the center. At the center jump spot. The Nuggets will try and build on their little warning street. They got going on here. Chris stop for singles, of course, having not played yet walking into the building dress DAP early, so no per singles tonight. Once again, no Michael Porter Jr Tap is controlled by the Dallas Mavericks. That means they'll have the ball. To begin the fourth quarter. Johnson, Chazz and on the high right side, No double in. There comes the double team he throws right out of it to Smith for three. That one's on the way No good rebound comes down to Paul Millsap Nuggets moving right to left to begin the basketball game here. Millsap has it at the point. He's wearing a headband tonight, left side over to Barton entry pass into the coal yoke. It's one on one against Willie Cauley Stein. They dig on the double team goes out of it around the horn. Two milks after three That was so good rebound comes down to Stein Almond Pass off the docket. Let's see if they jump him again here to get the ball out of his hands. They want him to go to his left hand here. And Denver does double team and throws out of it to Stein around the hole in the go to cleave a head fake gonna step back that one's no good rebound down in the coal Yokich yogurt. You bring it up the floor himself. He's across the time line faked a handoff Stocks. The point was a baseball pastor Millsap of the corn. Millsap carted out there by Cleveland. He throws it down on the low block over Nicole Yokich. Focus goes to work again. They dig on him. Turnaround hook shot is up. No good or evil comes down to Cleveland on the pass off to don church. Johnson's has it up the right sideline going out there by Murray. He turns the corner girls in the corner over to Smith Smith gets of the dotted line that fake leans in lay up. No good tip will go put back by Stein is up within the maps cracked the scoreboard. First, Smith got inside, and he kept the ball live for college time. Here's the coal yoke, which puts us back into Stein. He starts backing him down, got shoved from behind. No whistle throws it out over to Jamal Murray Murray's of the corner back over the yoke its back over the Marine little floater. The That was good. We're tied up with 2222 is a score. Here comes Luca the other way. Luca hasn't the right sideline again. Guarded by Harris Lobs one download A Stein whistling a foul called I believe on. Will Barton. Referees tonight. Trey Maddox, Ashley. Molly Bloom, Lawyer Bleach Ashley Moyer, glee sh and John Goebbels, the crew chief, Luca looks in throws it in on top over the Stein back over the Luca Luca, guarded by hairs throws out of it over to Richardson. Richardson goes to the corner gets cut off the baseline by Joker throws out of it. Catching gold Cleaver download istan kick out Richardson over to Smith. Jump shots on the way in short rebound. Five foreign grabbed by will bark nuggets, looking for their first lead of the night Spartan sprints it across the timeline. He's at the point I pick from the coal Yokich whips it over to Paul Millsap catching go baseline bully ball gets cleaned up. He has a jump pass, and he threw it away. Past picked up by dawn church, Luca throws top the key cleave a good three point shooter throws back out of it back over to don change the mid court circle. How they double team him again. He knocked it loose. Oh, don should raise his hand and a late whistle bell out superstar foul. Good pick by Will Barton. That's your girl actually leash on the cold. Here comes PJ Dozer. Will Barton with an early exit here? That's a second fucking foul so he might be done for the first quarter. And here we go. Richardson on the In bound. You could throw a backcourt, You know, whips it off over to cleave up back behind him over to Don checked with 10 on the clock. He brings it to the mid Court Circle. Guarded by Gary Harris. High pick from Stein throws it to Stein picking Bob Don't judge Deep three and that one rattles out, Rebound down in the coal. Yokich Yoka Chazz it across the timeline guarded by Stein at the point Terrible handoff over to Murray Murray will take a 17 cluttering double clutched it. Missed it. Rebound down to Millsap upto a cutting Harris. The reverse side lay up is up and in in the Nuggets in the lead for the first time tonight. Don't you, Chazz and on the high love.

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