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Eight tend to go first quarter and two rats pass away stolen by James James against. Mr. shot it fell off. Foulon durant? Two free throws coming for his old nemesis. Lebron James I thought he was going to get toxic on that one. You remember the comments I believe go ahead and clean that up forming Dray bottom. Kevin Durant would ask about playing with LeBron James? He said, the this was the atmosphere of the media was toxic around. He didn't mean James is toxic. It's a situation that. I it's a topic of conversation every day. Everybody wants to know every step on steaks. And now you're in LA so trying to be exacerbated. And I don't think he meant anything by LeBron James anything about his ability anything about his team's it was more media related, and they spoke on the phone man to man from Katie LeBron addressed that with Rachel Nichols. In interview that aired yesterday on Christmas Eve. If you don't wanna play with this scar you series. I mean, I understand maybe from Kevin Durant. I don't need anybody. But if you're not a number one guy, there's no other player you'd rather play within LeBron James James does mystery throws. He split the tear the other way looney on the low box as to Lakers on his back finds position and stores at the road. Have you ever seen Klay Thompson dribbled this money? Tongo? We usually count dribbles Berkeley. Did he have at sixty point game was able to. Twenty seven twenty nine minutes. Brandon Ingram at the top little one on one that it knocked away. Golden State comes away with it and other turnover. Draymond green the quickly passed right corner. Kevin durant? Triple right in front of the Golden State banks. They go up by two that six points off of those three Laker turnovers. Not to take care of the basketball seven ten to go first towards names loosening path to the left wing, but comes out to jet who's spinning up running hook that falls off. The Rams all traits have rebound off a zoo box out across the baseline, it'll be warrior basketball. Kevin Durant it and after it on the defense event. Off their Puzder perforce. A tough jock words, go the other way, eight of the twelve from Durant as Curry's. I three misses throws over the top of the backboard and inbounds on the other side zoo box. They'll give it to James, right? From the top of the circle steps back. And now has Draymond green autumn. Passes. It up gets it back shoes away the screen from zoo box one on one against looting from the right wing shot clock is five passes into the corner. Brandon ingram. Any splashes Lakers? Take the lead thirteenth. Well, that's what does all the focus goes to LeBron James, you get no-man's-land, and he will find his shooters finds Ingram in the corner. Wide open as top ten again at assists over seven assists per game. There's kevon looney at the top gives it up to Durant. Couple of dribbles task off to the left side. The curry curry six flips it up a lap around the room and good for curry, finally go. I bought the curry numbers looking into that. When we get a chance. Coma. Stockings. Curry curries Christmas, coal, here's Jayme. Trying to make a move inside a foul on the floor as he tried to duck in on Draymond green and picks up his first personal. And we got a time out here at the oracle and the Golden State Warriors would eight from Kevin Durant leading the Lakers fourteen to thirteen five fifty nine left open a quarter. You're listening to the NBA on ESPN radio and the ESPN app presented by T. So. T? So is the official watcher be.

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