Bolivia, Falkland Edge, Paraguay discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast


That was the last sition so full of stuff like that just you know they just fueled is just making mockery of shit without it so they wouldn't let us they wouldn't do it so we had to go to bolivia brilliant brilliant there was one bit we have to go this joint serafina vich some people was as brilliant brilliant big scouse bloke and he was brilliant he was just huge blood but you get scared very easily the first time i was brought in stuff with him he was just just went four canal cardo four four something terrible's at what there's a wasp so this bus we got to get this bus over the deel in bolivia to wish i was short and so this it was it was some little old blokes mokoena were on this little bus just went round these wind italian job types of man impulses and the back end of the bus would go over this huge man and it was quite area and he just lost it we were about two miles away from where we were going to do and i just lost anyway he got out he stood out the front you went right stop the fall i'm getting off all die there's no point i'm for said fuck not i'm just not going plummeted over the falkland edge you can go over the edge if you want but i'm for got an off work and so the guide woman whose from paraguay up just ready comedy she said this fund if you want to get off work is straight roads around here you find but i wonder whether good idea for this area there is great many woods.

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