Foreign Minister, Ibrahim, Kurdish Regional Government discussed on BBC World Service


The authorities in baghdad have called the poll on constitutional his the iraqi foreign minister ibrahim out safadi will own a how local will look on ought to lead the studio there cannot be under any circumstances and acceptance of the and constitutional decision by the kurdish regional government and the compromising of the unity of iraq which is guaranteed by the constitution the iraqi parliament voted to god's the unity of iraq speed bullied slammed and to reject the referendum and to wobbly gates the iraqi government to take measures to preserve iraq's unity and to begin a serious dialogue to heal its urgent issues was alarm bells are ringing round the region meanwhile blows millions of kurds are voting watching the vote is peter galbraith former us ambassador diplomat and also an adviser to the kurdistan regional government this really is the culmination of a century long dream by the kurds to have their own state it also comes at a time when the leadership of iraqi kurdistan people who have been struggling since the '70s and '80s are reaching the end of their careers of so this is that this is a just a huge moment forever at the end it's very emotional the vote is likely to be while certainly will be overwhelming then what happens that's the question well let will be done once you have people in a geographically to five area that overwhelmingly vote for independence it's impossible to find a solution that would keep them in iraq and you know we've had since 1991 28 new countries created all but two of them from federal units are so that this is the pattern of away the world is working now what happens next it whilst of course on clear i'm kurdistan has all the attributes of the state and so it's not even semiautonomous at such holland's controls its own borders that has its own parliament it has its own military the iraqi there's no raqi presence here it up all and there hasn't been since 1991 so it's it's in internally it's no step at all from the current situation joe full independence while the the relatives of international recognition isn't there because it aid kurdistan booed lie in the middle of a region where all the surrounding governments have an interest in not letting it be independent so.

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